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Kathmandu (Upto) 60% SALE

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Netriders, Just a FYI. Excellent sale IMHO. Picked up neck warmer, balaclava, inner gloves and inner thermals yesterday.

    The best deal was the thermals. Buy 1 get 1 free so you can pick a top and bottom (of the same style). I bought the UltraCore range and paid $70 for both instead of $140 and got to test them today. Wore them the whole day with just a t-shirt over and i believe are a great investment.

    Just letting everyone know!

  2. Fantastic post, LL..thanks for sharing that with all and sundry.
    Might rush off and check them out - have previously bought ski gloves and 'flight socks' from them - absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

  3. No probemo!
  4. got some of the $70 thermals as well... yet to try them. also got some sort of woolen top (bought for me) and its very warm!
  5. Cool! I used them all day yesterday and they were awesome. Even at the learners session, when it got really warm, I was ok as I didn't have many layers and while returning home in the evening, I was nice and snug! So the breathable feature helps. The best $70 I spent @ Kathmandu. :D
  6. i do want some of those thermal shirts and a pair of thermal leggings
  7. THIS & THIS is what I got. Check them out at Kathmandu. This sale is Oz wide.
  8. I won't have enough money until thursday :(
  9. oh that's funky that top :D
  10. Kathmandu I find excessively expensive. What their sale prices are is what you will pay elsewhere (Ray's Outdoors for example) on a normal day.

    I purchased a pair of push bike shorts from there and not only did they cost me close to $100 they fell apart within weeks. Went into my local bike shop and purchased a pair damn near identical (with the exception of the brand name) for $60 and they are still in perfect condition after almost 2 years.

    I haven't had a great experiences with Kathmandu to date.
  11. It is, isn't it? But I got the one in Black. :) Same color as the bottoms.

    Hmm...Might have been a bad item. Things like that happen. I've bought a few things in the past and never had any problems. I agree that some things are a bit overpriced but during such sales, the prices are all good. $70 for a pair of good quality thermals is an excellent price. :)
  12. pah, boring :p
  13. I picked up a pair of thermal long johns and top from their thermalplus range. I'm wearing them now and I'm rather toasty! I'm thinking of going back and picking up a similar pair of the Ultracores.

    I also bought a pair of these gloves to wear under my leathers. Was $64 all up.

    There was another motorcyclist at the Auburn store yesterday, so I'm not the only one taking advantage!
  14. I had picked up the thermaplus range first but then decided to go for the UltraCore coz the salesguy recommended them. I also liked the touchy feely better.

    And I also picked up those inner gloves. And there was also another Motorcyclist buying some thermals and socks as well. :D
  15. After years of wearing thermals I found the polyester blend ones to be nowhere near as warm as the merino ones, just my 2c

    Now though I don't wear thermals, I got soft and bought an electric vest, never going back :D

    +1 Kathmandu is a rip off
  16. If Kathmandu is a rip off, whats the alternative?
  17. StringBean, it depends on how you look at it. I've used Kathmandu products before and never had a problem. Same as some other NR members who have posted on this thread i.e. joedelosa, nickers etc have used Kathmandu without any problems. But for some members, their products broke and they lost that faith in Kathmandu

    There are even more expensive brands in the market i.e. Paddy Palin, Helly Hansen etc and then there are cheaper brands i.e. Target, KMart etc. At the end of the day, whatever you buy will do its job the way its supposed to be. If I could afford it, I would have gone Merino products (As they are F**** expensive). So I bought something nice on sale. For $70 (both top & bottom), you cannot go wrong. I would not have paid $140 for this.

    I used my UltraCore thermals all day Saturday under warm conditions and under very cold conditions without any problems. With Kathmandu, at least its a brand I've used and trust. Yes, this specific product might last more or last less than KMart but I would rather spend on something which I trust. Reasonably good quality at a reasonably good price.

    My 2c.
  18. To me Kathmandu at normal prices seem a rip off. The sales prices are usually good.
  19. Couldn't agree more.
  20. OS or somewhere like Mountain Designs in Smith St Collingwood or the place in Harware Ln in the city. I've had few items from Kathmandu in the past and the quality just doesn't seem to be there with some of their products.

    And any company that has 60% off most general items just makes me annoyed, but that is just me. :nopity:

    Also, do a search for merino thermals and you'll be suprised, they are not that expensive. I have the sherpa brand and from memory both top and bottom long sleeves were about $120 on sale from Mitchells.