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Kate's Birthday Party

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. That was so 10 minutes ago :p
  2. Should be a good night.
  3. gonna go off
  4. I'm not going - I hate crushes.
  5. Cool,

    I got my sunnies ready !

  6. i'm keen as :)
  7. Kate has cancelled her party :(.
  8. Arg, well no worries, venue has been moved to browny's place :p

  9. nah it's back up - only has a few thousand last I checked... I think the last one topped out at 45,000 or something I read somewhere...
  10. that saddens me :(
  11. I hope shes not doing a receiving line!
  12. Good work but!!

    :eek:wned: I has been
  13. There are parties being held in kates honor this weekend !

    yay !

  14. I'll be there
  15. You'd go to the opening of an envelope, ya attention seeking Ho!!
  16. Hey if the envelope was sexy... :D

    Thinking, the last time I did the GOR at full pace then went out drinking, it was a bad mix, trashed and tired in record time (shutup TTTT crew). Might just go and see Kate's party for shits and giggles sake...