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Karmichael hunt leaves rugby league for AFL

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. International rugby league fullback Karmichael hunt has left the brisbane broncos to sign with the new gold coast afl team

    It begs a lot of questions, is it a publicity stunt or do they really think he can make it in AFL, could a AFL player make a succesful transition the other way, is it about a challenge or the money etc?

  2. It was time he did something different.

    his performances for the Broncos of late have been lackluster
  3. all the rugby traitors are returning.....
  4. Oh no! terrible news
  5. I'm keen to see how the crossover between footy codes goes.
  6. Interesting.

    Am wondering if he's physically capable of strressing his body to meet the stamina requirements of AFL. Strength is a greater factor in league training than the need to run for 60 minutes continuously, most of that above a jogging speed. I mean he's been trainging his mass in the same fashion for years, will it alter it's abilities to suit the new code ? We aint talking Wendel and Union here are we, AFL and league are VERY different sports.

    Vic ? It won't matter so don't pretend it does :p :LOL: :p
  7. You will find that Khunt's physical fitness and stamina will be perfect for AFL. He plays a very mobile position, in League, and I reckon that he would be streets ahead of them....
    I still think he's a Khunt though.
  8. I think he'll be like Nick Holland - a good athlete but not quite there as an AFL player. That 'step' of his (or more like little hop in the air) won't be of much use in the AFL.
  9. Mate, I've written the season off already :(

    We are not in the hunt this year. We were doing ok until the SOO's and it went downhill since then.

    At least I scored a point tipping against them last week :LOL:
  10. I do not understand how playing full-back in league, making 15 tackles a game and gaining about 150 metres off say, 10 kick returns, makes you a good AFL player.

    Please explain.
  11. Just my opinion, bud.
    I have trained for and played both sports in my youth. So I base my opinion on that.

    All we can do is "Watch this space..." I guess.
  12. Barry Hall to League !
  13. wow;
    league to union is one thing, but changing to afl is another...

    Quick question is the average salary in afl higher than in league?
  14. Ah i see. Your opinion is based off the fact that many talented youngsters can apply themselves well over many sports simultaneously including football (soccer), rugby league, rugby union, afl, cricket, tennis, athletics, hopscotch and so on..

    I don't think it works like that at a professional level.
  15. You can have your interweb debate by yourself.
    I gave my opinion, axe grinding is over there ---->

  16. I say chuck him in UFC and see what he does to Brock Lesnar.

    I'm interested to see how KHunt goes - he's still a fairly young player and chances are he might have played both codes as a whipper snapper, and that he can still be moulded as an AFL player.

    I'll certainly be watching this space.
  17. He did, and was quite good by all accounts.
    Still a Khunt though...
  18. Joel I heard today he only played at school levels of competition ? And wasn't he signed by the Bonco's at age 18 ? Hmmmm Benet protege' perhaps ?

    Best I be a'googlin'
  19. On his physical state:

    On the parts of the game he is expected to excel:

    ...but what would he know, eh? ;)

    17, actually :)
  20. good on him for not wasting his brain powers on rugby :LOL: atleast he will still have half a brain left when he finally retires someday :LOL: A bluddy nice bank balance too :p
    Now if we can just get Billy Slater to convert :LOL: he is already half way there being a Melbourne boy these days :) Can we take Greg Inglis too? :p