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Karma's a b1tch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MadStu, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. As those of you who went to the GP dinner may be aware, Stewy picked up a puncture on his way home after the dinner nearly 2 weeks ago. In the week and a half he was off the bike because of this I was constantly giving him a light-hearted ribbing at every possible opportunity. (it was all in good fun :LOL:)

    This Saturday arvo he finally got the new tyre onto his bike and we went for a ride. Not long after I got back from the ride I jump back on my bike to head out and catch up with some other mates. Before I get out of the drive I feel my bike is handling like a pig so I hop off it and have a look over it. :?
    Fark me, it has a flat rear tyre.

    So now my bikes up on the stand so I can get the rear wheel off.

    Moral of the story, :twisted: Karma's a b1tch and she bites hard. :twisted:

    Oh, and Stewy refuses to have a laugh at me, because he's worried his front tyre might get a puncture if he does.

  2. :shock:

    I'm too scared to take the piss for fear of putting the mockers on myself, as I have only recently replaced the rear tyre on my bike.

    Don't ignore Karma is the moral.
  3. It's like I told that clown after it happened to him: SWEEP THAT FARKEN DRIVEWAY :LOL:


    What was that?
  4. well if when the kwaker riders leave the driveway, if they could pick up all the shit that falls off there excuss for a motorcycle, it might help to keep it a bit cleaner..... :LOL: :p
  5. :eek: "oh no u didn't!"
  6. Stewy throws handfulls of nails under his guests tyres. He owns the tyre service on the corner.
  7. The only thing that comes off my bike is all the class and coolness it oozes. Grab a broom. :wink: :LOL:

    fcuken Karma, I'll be red faced if the next thing to come off it is me! :shock: :oops:
  8. That nasty Stewy bloke will make sure that it happens.
  9. Yeah, but he never seems to drop his bike tho, it only gets run over :p
  10. :LOL:
  11. You'll never guess what happened today.

    OK, you probably will.

    Pop. Nail.

    Unrepairable too, because the sidewall was cracked. So was the sidewall on my last remaining supercorsa from my stash. I had to buy a Conti Force.

    I could have sworn I heard an SV1000 taking off and some sort of shrieking laughter. Last time I post in a "karma's a biatch" thread.

  12. Hard luck Loz.

    Haven't you learn't the lesson of this thread yet, have a laugh at the expense of someone who's tyre has got a puncture. Do you have a preference on which tyre you'd like karma to puncture? :twisted: :LOL:
  13. :-# err well thats no good 8-[ (hope karma takes note)
  14. Still refusing to have a laugh and tempt Karma? I don't blame you. I know first hand the results :(