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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dirty TRiX, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. [rant]Karma, I have two words to say to you.

    F*ck you!

    Remind me again people, doing the right thing, anywhere, anytime, gets you f*cked over. It's just a waste of your f*cking time.[/rant]

    Normal programming will resume when I find some sh1t to break.
  2. Karma is a load of shit and belief in it means you're:

    A) Hindu.

    8) Stupid.

    I wish everyone would just pick one, wake up and start slapping pricks who deserve it, instead of counting on some sort of ethereal moral code to ensure their tax gets audited 13 years after they scratch your vehicle.
  3. sooooo......????? you going to elaborate? what happened????
  4. Damn straight!
  5. right on!

    the bibles version of heaven and hell is a bunch of bullwinkle too [jax version is more believable :wink: ]

    life isnt fair, that's just the way it is.

    the closest thing i can get to belief in karma is chaos theory. energy may have its way of coming back but that doesnt mean its going to be fair about it. you could do the right thing and then get done over.

    jax law;

    good and bad things happen

    no matter who you are or what you do

    good and bad things will happen to you

    cheers :cool:
  6. Whilst trying to be a good water conservationist.... returning to refill his bucket, the bike sank into the wet lawn..and kaboom.... down she came :(
  7. Smashed side fairing, bent fairing bracket etc.

    Had moved the bike 3 times to solid ground during washing it to be safe, just in case the water from the bucket soaked the ground enough for it to give.

    Went back for rinse off water (from the water tank, being the good environmentally friendly soul I am) and I hear thunk. Well, thats it, the drought, the ozone layer and the whales can go and get f*cked from now on. Derek and clive had it right about the whales I tell you.

    If only I'd got my oggy knobs weeks ago.......

    I knew that not pulling a single wheelie today was gonna get me in trouble. Every time I obey the law and go out of my way to do the right thing I end up getting done over, feeling stupid, hurt and violated. Maybe I should go back to dealing drugs rather than being a productive member of society.

    Ahh well, at least I wasnt dumb enough to hit something and break my hand yet again. The gym got wound off the scale though, but at least thats only microtears.
  8. Oggys ordered. Sh1t I hate using ebay while capped.
  9. Remember this point in time...

    If you slide the bike down the road some time in teh future and are left thanking the Oggy nobs, your view may change :grin:

    Is karma as simple as you get what you deserve? or is it a little more subtle.
  10. I'd ordered some weeks ago but they not turned up. Tried to do the right thing and not re-order and leave someone in the lurch. My mistake.

    Thats another dose of karma, and that one was probably deserved.

    Ah well, guess I need a more serious repair than superglue to do it right.

    It's a long-term keeper so a hyperbike suzuka 12 hour fairing was always on the cards, unless I weaken and end up with a gunfighter sporty like undii.

    PS Lose that seat undii! Gunfighter FTW!
  11. ooh... that sux :( maybe it'll all come good yet and some angel will fly down and fix it all for you :angel: stranger things have been know :cool: hang in there 'n' good luck x
  12. Don't sound like karma to me. Sounds like simple, fecken annoying mistake. Just a bike dude, no need to boil over.
  13. F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck [​IMG]

    Not much more I can say Dirty.

  14. Know the feeling well and can sympathise :( .

    Years ago, back in the UK, I was riding home late one night through Bristol (which ,whilst it lacks the fearsome reputation of, say, Manchester or Glasgow, is still a f*cking dodgy city) when I thought I saw a woman being seriously hassled by a bloke at a bus stop. Wasn't sure so I decided to do a 180 at the next roundabout, come back, have another look and, if necessary, do my knight in scabby leather act.

    Got most of the way round the roundabout when a Vauxhall Cavalier (think Holden Camira) full of the UK equivalent of bogans comes up from the left, doesn't clock the roundabout in time, locks up on the damp, greasy surface, slides right into my path and just sits there looking at me. I've just got time to think "Ican'tbelievehe'sjustdonethat" and get the lever back to the bars, bang and I'm flying, landing in a heap quite a lot of meters the other side of the car.

    Bent bike, scuffed gear, battered Pat.


    Could have been worse. I walked away, the bike was fixable and I got paid out but it really pissed me off that I'd got hit doing my concerned citizen bit.

    Kind of set the scene for me for 94 though. One long succession of mates in hospital, painfully unsuccessful romantic adventures, poverty and betrayal. Absolute shitter of a year.
  15. If your karma is bad, burn some incense and have a few beers. fixes things up. feng shui is bullshit. It's the ancient chinese art of selling womens magazines.
  16. hmmm, a 'kama' thread, i better nib this one in the bud;

    just so you guys know......................
    i became a


    after the accident :wink:
  17. Well, its off to work and superglue didnt do the trick (it never does unless the trick you're looking for is gluing your fingers together) so I guess I better dig out my old plastic welding gear (if I can still find it maybe a 1% chance) or else buy some plastic welding rods and get the soldering iron out this weekend.

    Or I can just ignore it until some prick knocks me off my bike and i can make his insurance pay for a new one :?
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  20. while im waiting for the youtube to load on dial up, i have a karma tale for you.

    there was a man accused of killing his wife, the prosecution used the 'she doesnt want me, then no one can have her' motive.

    his lawyer worked very hard and the jury cleared the man of murder.

    he turned to his lawyer and said, 'i want you to have this pen as a thank you gift [twas a nice pen]. the lawyer accepts. then the man said 'that woman got what she deserved, she use to come home smelling like other men. this is the way it should be and it's all thanks to you.

    the man left and the lawyer was gobsmacked. he chased him to the lift to return the pen, the guy insisted he keep it. he said 'u have it, you'll need it for the devils sig. so he took it back. when he turned to get back in the lift he tripped on the gap, fell forward, and stabbed himself in the heart with the pen.

    i personally suspect the lawyer stabbed him and made up the story.

    cheers :cool: