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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I see that the Karma thing is gone now. I think it's been pulled cos some kiddies like RC36 couldn't hack it so had to have a cry.
    Seriously it was fun and we should vote to bring it back. Personally I was looking forward to reaching 100 in the negative.
    Do we all have to lose out cos of a few cry babies?? :?:

  2. But things have been restored to a reassuring shade of beige.

    What do you mean, you don't like it?
  3. i'm sensing some hostility in the air, maybe we should all sit down for a cup of tea and some scones?
  4. Mmmmmmm, scones. My favourite.
  5. I just got my first 2 plus points and 1 minus point, and then it gets removed. Thats karma for you. It was a laugh, bringing it back gets my vote.
  6. Good point, jezza.
    Gromit is OK.
  7. C'mon...things were just warming up! For some real fun, visit cyclotouriste's posts at

    the thorntree

    and no, the Mark R referred to ISN'T me.
  8. Hey Chairman, you run a 400/4 too??
    That's cool, I haven't seen one on the road for years and at least two netriders have one.
    I had a red one back in 1978, lovely little bike it was.
    Hey, did you know that a road race meeting was held at Laverton???
  9. Don't worry Gromit, he doesn't even know who he is most of the time.
    I think this is one of the major downfalls of setting up computers at special ed centres and giving them internet access. People like him can now set their numbs free on the information superhighway!!
  10. Hey Chairman, you chickenshit poltroon!!!

    Cyclotouriste's a bona fide legend in his own lunchtime. :LOL:
  11. Anyone want to go for a ride :LOL:
  12. :LOL: funny stuff :LOL:

    (my co-workers are looking at me strangely after i just had to walk out because i was laughing too much).
  13. k'noath! Giacomo Agostini raced at Laverton in the 1976 Australian TT - he was beaten by local lad Kenny Blake.

    I've got a red '76 400/4 - it drags my sidecar around.
  14. look , this warm fuzzy feeling karma crap wasnt going to be taken seriously by everyone (mean not every person) from the start , it was used for pay back , and as a stir etc .
    do you really think it had any affect on peoples Karma ?

    if that was the case , i and a few others should have been knocked off our bikes , struck by lighting and a safe fall from an office window and followed up by a piano as well .

    Let it go children ........be at one with nature............. if it returns you will cherish it more................Peace :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Chairman, I was at the meeting, saw practice on saturday and the races on sunday. Spoke to Kenny Blake in the pits on practice day. Was and is one of the highlights of my motorcycling adventure.
  16. Dazza and groberts.
    if you read back through this thread and some parallel ones you will see and understand that my response to padros's continual sledging is quite measured and justified.
    He is the one who lowered the discussion to the level of personal abuse as you will see if you read back.
    Faced with his continued hostility, I have responded in kind
    I realise that in doing so that I am running the risk of lowering myself to his level, but I'm not going to sit back and have his defame me just because I DARE to have a different opinion to his.
  17. RC
    i took no offense to it , exactly the oppisite .
    I hated the karma thing , personally thought it was warm , fuzzy feeling trendy , fad garbage.
    I used it when i did to just have a bit of a stir , i dont take it seriously .
    after the first day I was -18 or something , and i hadnt even posted :LOL:

    as for padro , maybe you too could sort it out over PM , that way it wont be public on the site and come to some agreement.

  18. -18 after the first day . Not bad considering i gave you 17 of those :p .
  19. suspect it hasn't gone completely, possibly just temporally disabled.
    (if you look in people profiles, they are still there)

    i think the karma thingy had merit, however,
    it could have done with a couple of tweaks so it wasn't so open to abuse.

    notion 1)
    - each member can only assign a single karma point (+)/(neutral)/(-) against each another member
    - when you see someone else's avatar it shows if you have previous assigned a point either way to that member
    - you then get the opportunity to recant the previous vote, or leave it as it is
    - that way karma points become a tally of the number of members that hold a grudge against you

    notion 2)
    - every time a karma point is assigned,
    the recipient could get a PM pointing to the particular post that prompted someone to assign a karma point
    - that way members would have some idea what it is in particular that other members like/dislike to hear

    my notions (1&2) above had occurred to me some time ago,
    i'd imagined they would be too hard to implement,
    and thought it better not to comment, and leave the system as it was.

    if my notions aren't as difficult to implement as i'd imagined,
    maybe they could be used to everyone's benefit.