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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by nearlyempty, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. What's that all about, then?

  2. Crap, what was that... Somthing kicked me.......
  3. It's new I reckon. If you agree, you can 'plus' it up. If you disagree with a comment, you can 'minus' it down. I gave Sir Skuffy good karma simply for his agreeable comments on the benefits of alchohol, and it worked.
  4. What the heck, I'm in a good mood today. Have one on me :)
  5. karĀ·ma n.
    The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

    Netrider karma is here! :shock: :D Do you have good karma or bad karma?

    A new addition to the Netrider forums is a karma rating for each user, and the ability for you to give a good or bad karma points to users. On the left-hand side column of each post, just below the total number of posts a user has, is that persons karma rating with little +/- icons allowing you to give that person positive or negative karma points 8)

    1. You can only give karma points once every 2 hours, and
    2. You need to have 10 posts or more to give others karma points

    Use it wisely, and don't abuse it. For abuse only brings bad karma back on yourself. If you think a person has been helpful and courteous, give them some positive karma :) If you think they've been selfish or rude, give them some negative karma :)

    Enjoy! 8)
  6. Bummer :( , cant give myself any .
  7. its not so much if you agree or not.... it more about attitude...... if ther person is ok and easy going or helpful...give em good karma, if they're a complete prat and a git..then you know what to do instead
  8. Come on, own up.
    Who just dissed Mouth?
  9. Whoops, accidentally pressed your karma rating down one Jason, didn't read the post well enough, will +1 in 2 hrs time when I can...:LOL:
  10. hes' copped -2 now....... he musthave a dark secret for karma to build up so quick.
  11. I just used it! I get miffed when people don't extend the courtesy of responding to an apology.

    I sent a "sorry for prior tension, let's clear the air and start over" type PM to a new, noisy user from another forum earlier today, however she didn't even acknowledge it (and I know she got it cos it was in Sent Box). Rude and disheartening.

    *sigh* At least I tried.
  12. Which makes you the bigger person flashfire , well done .
  13. I thought it was a poll on the Vengeful Elephant :)
  14. hhhmmmm Mouth Karma: +1/-3???? The vengeful elephant is after you......watch that he doesn't take a dump on the storm :LOL: :p :LOL:
  15. I rekon we can count in minutes the time it will take for the first "Karma War" :LOL: :shock: .
  16. so if you get enough bad karma points, do you get your account cancelled? :LOL:
  17. Well, every two hours ... until the server crashes.
  18. very good to jump to conclusions there, but I didnt notice that I had any pm's until I logged on about 20mins ago, so give a person a bit of common decency to reply to something.................and after your personal attack on me I am thinking of a way to replying of you................
  19. Oh wow. I only just noticed. I think it is a great idea :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  20. in a way this is a good thing but in another it isnt as some people will use it just because they have a gripe with someone..........