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Karma - it does exist !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smoky, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Bear with me this is my 2nd post.

    Was riding to work today in that foreign stuff (in Melbourne) called rain, was heading up the off ramp to Hoppers Crossing and the R1 begins to splutter. . . . .what has the rain effected the electrics? . . .cant have run out of fuel as the warning light didnt come on. . .. . .. engine dies about 1.5kms from work. . . .pull the clutch in and coast as far as I can. Press the instrument panel button and the clock disappears to be replaced with the trip meter. . . .320kms . . .F%^ck out of fuel . . .but the light didnt come on :0(

    Start pushing . . . pushing. . . . .motorbike whizzes by. . . . . pushing. . . cars whiz by. . .pushing . . .motorbike whizs by in the opposite direction and beeps . . . .pushing. . . .only have about another 1km to push in full leathers, backpack in the rain. A car stops and a guy asks if i need help. I just need fuel mate to which he replies 2 stroke or 4 as I've got both in the back of my ute.

    Not only does he give me at least 2 litres of fuel but he refuses to take any money for it saying "people have stopped for me in the past". I crank the bike and it fires a quick thankyou from me and he's off into the rain.

    Over the years I've forgotten the number of times I've stopped to help out other riders and today was payback day.

    Look out for each other as Karma does work :0)
  2. Nice to hear about the good people in society. We hear far too much about all the a$$holes, its nice to be reminded every once in a while that there ARE good people out there.
  3. just have a look at the general publics generosity in donating for the bushfire appeal. It's good to see some people will go out of their way to help others
  4. Nice feel good story. Thanks for sharing.
  5. :applause: Thing do go round 360o.......
  6. And they say the west is scum ( former Hoppers boy here ) - at least we know to help people. I have often had to help people down Old Geelong Road, and the highway.
  7. good yarn, makes us all think
  8. Ahhh, made me feel all warm and fuzzy! 1000 points to the dude in the ute and Smoky, you can have 500 points for sharing the story! :grin:
  9. when i had my off i was at albion park in NSW damaged the bike going up macquarie pass and unable to ride it home which was about 100kms back to liverpool.

    some really nice family stopped checked if i was ok the wife and kids stayed with me while the husband drove home
    (which was about 10mins away) got his trailer and towed my bike home for me which is about an 1h 15min drive. when we got home i made them a coffee and tried to pay them for fuel but they refused saying they have grown up with bikes all there life and they are more than happy to help.

    such nice people, its a rare find these days.
  10. Hope they're on your christmas card list AngX..... :wink:
  11. Today on the way home from work, via the longer twisty route, I passed a couple pushing a bike with a car parked across the road from them. While it seemed that it was all taken care of I still did a u'y and came back to see if all was well.

    Turns out the lass ran out of petrol and didn't flick on the reserve. Bike was running happily with what was left in reserve when I pulled up. Live and learn but I hope I showed her how helpful the biker community is at least.
  12. Nice recollection of the event Smoky and wonderful to see that you made it to work, thanks to the help of that genuine person.
    What goes around does come around, fortunately, as is your case.

    Safe, happy riding to you :)

  13. Good story dude... ncie to know that karma does indeed return. I pulled over on the Calder one day as it started pouring rain just to put wet weather gear on and had three bikes stop to see if everything was ok. Have stopped twice on the Monash in the cage to offer help to bikes that have stopped.
  14. Top notch effort :)