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Karma is a biatch

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Looks like this Indian call centre is a FAIL

  2. lol

    good timing as i just got off the phone with Optarse, guess where? India
  3. I'm confused.

    WTF has the story got to do with call centres?
  4. Think the joke was based on a generalisation about India....
  5. It's obvious you know nothing about Indian call centres and generalisations about them.
  6. how'd you do that? optus is owned by singtel, who base their call centres in singapore
  7. Real classy.
  8. And Singapore isn't full off Indians? It was last time I checked:LOL:
  9. dunno, never been there. just assumed they were singaporean.....
    guess i was wrong
  10. research mate


    Since 2005, Optus has outsourced some customer service functions to Convergys, with the outsourcer providing 800 staff operating offshore in India, supplementing Optus' 3,000-plus onshore call centre staff. Some functions have also been supplemented in The Philippines.

    In October 2006, Optus announced that it would outsource 100 contracting jobs to a fellow SingTel subsidiary, IT company NCS, in Malaysia.

  11. This thread disgusts me. Just sayin'.
  12. I'm with Optarse and I've never spoken to an Indian when calling them, always women with Ozzy accents...
  13. yeah this threads a bit "off"
  14. + 1 to what thera and bluefreak said.
  15. I don't like being PC but...

    Thread making fun of death...

    Thread alienating any indian users we may have on this site.... Dunno guys fair enough if you find it funny but I must be getting squeamish in my old age.
  16. My apologies about this thread, it was not designed to offend, just to highlight how frustrated we as a nation are that everything is outsourced to India when it comes to call centres.
    I found the article ironic in that some poor Indian dude was killed by his own mobile, when they try and flog them off to us through call centres which is why this was not posted in humour.
  17. Just bring back the tits and boobies thread because I've looked and can't find it...!
  18. We live in Australia, we are not racists
  19. 'Hello, am I speaking with the owner of the house?'


    Let that be a warning to the rest of you :)