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karma I rate it, now.... after a close call

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gibbler, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. cruising along today (Glynburn Rd for you Adelaidians) and there is this oldish lady sitting on the road (left lane) after she toppled her wheel chair while trying to cross the road.... all these darn cages switching lanes to go around her oblivious (it seems) to her daughter trying (without much luck) to lift her off the road... I stopped and so did another bloke (cager) and we got her back in the chair, then across the road safely..... feeling pretty proud of helping out and doing my bit for bike riders image at this point.....

    few minutes later I get onto Cross Rd and this young woman P plater decides she wants my patch of road and all but pushes me off the side of the road into the curbing..... luckily I braked soon enough and hard enough to avoid the prang.... so either the karma saved me or it's a load of cod's wallop and I was just lucky.... always been a skeptic of "Karma" etc... but there may just be something in it...... of course when I catch up to the chick in the car there is this little wave.... :roll:

  2. good on ya for helping the old duck out, seems people like yourself are few and far between these days :)
  3. Mate, that is bloody good to hear, you will be getting big karma for this!!! Also it puts other people who went around this poor lady to shame. I just hope one day when i am in need, there will be people around to help, keep it up, it may be contaigous :wink:
  4. I reckon if karma really applied that female P plater's car would have blown a tyre, rolled and burst into flames for trying to wipe out such a generous and caring person as yourself. :LOL:

    Certainly wishing it happened to the d1ckless twat who ran me down. :roll:
  5. Well, someone always asks it, and it might as well be me;

    this young woman P plater

    Was she HOT???
  6. i can't say it's a karma. it can be a cause and reaction as you might be distracted by the event that just happened.
  7. ouch, my sides hurt!!! :rofl: you of all people paul :rofl:


    so wash she?? :LOL:
  8. im suprised that noone beeped you while on the road helping her!!!

    if only there were more people like you :wink:
  9. Hornet old boy, try as you might, your age is showing here - the eluded matter of importance is this:

    Was SHE hot!!? Thats where the brownie points lie!
  10. i am in awe, sir.
    you win :grin:
  11. Basically, the only way society's manners get better is by example (and worse likewise). 'Pay It Forward' might be a fairly dorky movie, but just the idea that we each have a circle of influence and it's up to us to 'be the change we want to see' really does make sense. I'm sure at least a few people thought 'look at that nice young biker stopping to help out the lady: (a) I should have stopped and (b) maybe those bikers ain't so bad after all'. So nice work, and I hereby pledge to stop whinging about other people's bad manners and start 'being the change'.
  12. (while keeping an eye out for the hotness!)
  13. Nah he was after the old duck in the wheelchair. It's always been a fetish of his.....
  14. hell I can't believe I forgot to mention the most important info... :LOL:

    :woot: she'd have looked mighty fine sitting on the back of the bike :grin: hence there was no extension of the middle finger involved....

    in a word..... NO.... very grateful for the help though....

    how'd you know that? big saggy mummary glands always do it for me :rofl:

  15. Heres Karma....

    93 model Across with 35000km and 1 month rego.
    <----- The red one in Av.
    Its tyres need changing, and the front brake disc and pads. Mucho Dollars :mad:

    One night at 3am it gets stolen :(

    Days later it was chased by cops. Rider undertakes a car to get away, but car driver seeing cops lights does the right thing and pulls over to curb :eek:

    Rider cops significant pain, injury and ends up in hospital :twisted:

    I get my insurance money and buy a 98 Across (I loved my Across).
    Only 15000km new tyres brakes, sprocket and chain. :grin:

    The thief then heals and is quickly bent over by the police and put in jail :twisted:

    Insurance company is advised and they send their collectors on him :twisted:

    I get my excess back and buy a new tinted visor, some new bike pants, etc and cheer at my supposed bike misfortune :LOL:

    KARMA people KARMA.
  16. Yeah, Karma is a load of crap. Sample bias people! Sample bias!

    You can't say karma exists because of one instance of helping someone out then having a good escape... you could equally that the P plater coming into your lane in the first place was BAD karma.

    Anyway it's likely that the mystical forces of the universe might have a different view of "good" and "bad" luck.

    Still, well done for stopping and lending a hand. Good to see that social conscience is enough motivation for you without needing something like karma as incentive.

    And freakin' P platers...