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Karma caught up with me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Well, anybody that know me knows i don't mind a bit of a laugh at others misfortunes, (once i know the person is ok, not hurt etc...) bad trait but to me do something stupid/drop a bike in a carpark, riding like a dick and over shoot a turn etc. I find these things funny (loz, woodsy, ed, booga, stookie, rosie) or anyone else i have toured with or chatted with would agree.

    Well karma finally caught up with me when i thought i might pop over and check out this clothing sale last night posted by movin https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=51498

    So a nice ride form Dandy to Blackburn get there and was going to park on the footpath but wasn't really any room, for anyone walking by, then i see a underground carpark for the place, (just a normal size carpark for factory building) cool i think and pull in there. As i roll into the carpark it was pretty empty a few cars parks all over the place, so i park in a bay like you would with a car, (also near the entry/exit) no one else near me, hit the kill switch just to hear the echo of the twins exhaust note, carry for a few more seconds :LOL:

    Anyway head up stairs grab a few things, maybe up there for 20-30mins approx, come back down to see my baby now parked across the bay. Looking at this as i walk down the ramp thinking thats not how i left you. Get a bit closer and sure enough i can see the r/h side of the handlebar is all pushed up..... FARK get there, of course no note or details.
    :evil: motherfcukers, well guess i shouldn't be to ungrateful, they did have the courtesy to stand it back up. :roll:

    Start checking out the damage, looks like the handlebars is the bulk of the damage (oh well, been planning to change the bars anyway), exhaust brackets are bent again (pipe is still scuffed from my last drop so no further damage, glad i decided to hold off on getting it reskinned though) :evil: Tank and ducktail both got anyway without any damage luckily, god the longer i own a naked the more i love em....

    So all up looks like there is very little new damage, and those that now me, know my bike, doesn't get a wash and polish everyday...it gets ridden daliy so she certainly isn't no show stoppa, but i was still pissed to return to find her damaged.

    So still have to drop some gear of to a mates place out near Mt Dandy, i head out there cursing and swearing in my helmet to every person, cager anybody i could see....

    Well traveling Canterbury Road (very light drizzle) got caught at the lights at Wantirna road. Front row middle lane (of a 3 lane road) cars are turning from Wantirna in the gaps when a vt/vx commo turns loses the end as he comes onto Canterbury Road.

    Oh nice fishy, it goes left then right....oh wait no left again :? yep straight up onto the footpath and finally kicks left again as it smashes part of a houses front fence, before coming to rest on top of half of it, and front end wedged hard into the bus stop. (no one waiting at the bus stop, luckily)

    Well by the time the lights go green i see the door open and a bloke jumps out and off i go on my bent bike, thinking serves all you people right, with no intention of stopping, as i go past i see not one of the cars in the left hand lane stop....... so still grumbling to myself, and still hating the entire population i pull over and ride back up the footpath.

    As it turns out he was ok only a young bloke in dads car, and for the record IMO i didn't think he was hooning speeding, as they were stopped and had just taken off and followed another car across. I would say just a fresh p plater, inexperinced the slightly greasy roads was enough to catch him out.

    The people from house were home they came out and toke some details, then i waited around for his parents to show up, making sure he was ok, then left.

    Forgot my phone so couldn't get any of the car accident, will post some of the bike tonight.
  2. that sucks dude, I'd be devastated if that ever happened to me. Glad to hear the damage isn't extensive. And no note? some people don't have a soul.

    Was your bike in a position where it would be accidently knocked or in the way? Or was it probably just some wanker who decided to have a bit of a look at your bike and stood it up and dropped it?

    I'd be furious if I ever saw someone touch my bike - I could only hope I arrived in time to still catch them there...
  3. Sorry to hear Stew..., that SUCKS big time!
    I'm sure there is no-one here that would find that the least bit amusing.
    ( xcept perhaps the guys u laughed at in the past :-w )
    Yep, sounds like an inexperienced P-Plater in the wet. :p
    10 Points for turning around and assisting him !
    Good to hear your bike isnt too badly bruised.
  4. Quite an eventful few hours there, mate.

    Unbelievable that some nitwit STILL managed to crumple the bike with so few cars around...cheesus!

  5. it was parked in a car space, there were about 5 other cars in the carparking lot, which probably holds about 30-40 cars...so no i reckon it was either so dick that couldn't drive, or someone sit try out of my bike, who maybe over balanced :mad:

    oh well whats done is done, hoping new bars will be in next week, btw (loz and any of you spanner guys night) if you want to do a spanner lesson or how to straight handlebars it will be happening this weekend :LOL: :p
  6. Stomach... contracting in quick... pulses....

    Sides of mouth.... Rising... Uncontrollably...

    Arm... Lifting... Involuntarily...

    What's happening to me?


    The best part is that it happened while you were on a tightarse mission to save a few bucks. WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! :LOL:
  7. It always amazes me those times that I've parked my bike in a 90 degree or angle parking bay in the street and I've stopped for a bite to eat or something so am sitting in sight of the bike, the number of idiots in cars you see that just go shooting into the bay without any care whatsoever, only to suddenly slam on the brakes when they wake up to the fact that there is actually a bike sitting in the parking bay.

    No doubt some clueless idiot bumped into the rear of your bike if someone else parked beside you (and left) while you were gone...either that or its one of those people that start swinging wide to exit the bay as soon as they start reversing instead of waiting til they had cleared the bay and your bike, so side swiped it.

    Either way, that sucks.
  8. :LOL: @Loz
    that was expected
  9. Always someone worse off than you...whilst you got a bent handlebar, poor kid's gonna cop it from his Dad :cry:
  10. yeah he did on the side of the road, father just pick it last weekend after spending 3k to convert it to gas :LOL: :oops: bit sad i doubt they will see that car again :(
  11. Sorry to hear bro. Exact same thing happened to my bike the other day too! Worse damage though...

    It's the fact that they slink off and don't leave a note that really shits me! They assume that picking it up is their good deed for the day...

    Fcukers :evil:
  12. That's not karma Stewy - you didn't cause the bike to drop. Had you parked it in a spot which probably wasn't good for parking it in and someone warned you not to park there but you didn't listen and the thing dropped, then it'd be karma ;) :LOL:
  13. Yeah probably more like Murphy's Law :LOL:

    If you park your bike in undercover parking and there are hardly any cars parked there, then your bike will get knocked over by a car.
  14. Ohhhh no, it's karma alright. Karma for all the other poor buggers he's seen taking a tarmac slide, and then nearly busted his foofer valve laughing so hard.
  15. yeah does make me feel better when i think about it that way ;)

    lol...yeah should of just blocked the footpath, probably would of been safer ](*,)

    yeah but they have all been really really funny, just so happens most of the time those involved don't see it, i can't help that if others don't have a sense of humor :LOL:
  16. The other night I was reversing my Prado and as usual its very hard to see anything so I just edge out slowly until I bump something... this time tho I heard a crunch... well I got out and realised I knocked a bike over... I drove away to get some paper to write a note... came back and the bike was gone...oh well I guess the owner didn't mind too much...and my car has a bit of a dent too so I guess we are even. These things happen I guess but why always to me. Things will be better with my new hummer, I'm sure.

    Yours sincerely

    Prado shopping trolley driver.
  17. :facepalm: Sorry to hear that Adam :?
    Unfortunately I think you will find, if you read subsection A, in clause C, paragraph 2, of original post :deal: it clearly states-
    O.P. accepts absolutely no responsibility for any damage incured resulting from displayed information. :?
    Did you at least get a bargain? :oops:
  18. :LOL:
  19. Karma will be when the dickhead who knocked your bike over gets taken to the lock up and gets an amourous gay bikie for a cell mate :twisted: ...good to hear it's not too bad Stewy :)