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Kap here from Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kap, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, how's things?

    I'm a 25 yo guy from the SE suburbs, have been hanging out in the forums learning heaps for a while now and thought it's about time I said g'day.


    I'm very new to riding (aside from dirtbikes) so new infact that I haven't even booked my L's yet. Unfortunately my family and Fiance are adamant that i'll explode and die the moment i sit on a deathtrap i mean bike.

    Ahhhh fun times :)

    Maybe if I could just send them all away on holidays and surprise them when they get back..

    Any pointers on overcoming this would be great! Otherwise, wish me luck and fingers crossed I'm able to get onto 2 wheels sometime very soon as all of this talk of Sat morning learner sessions and group rides is making me really jealous! (y)

  2. Welcome.......
  3. If you ride dirt bikes offroad then get a road trail like a DR650 or road legal an XR400/600! You will feel right at home and either bikes will last you forever if you look after them. XR's have more offroad ability and truly feel like a dirt bike, DR650's feel more like a road bike and aren't quite as good as XR's off road, but they will go anywhere XR's can go.
    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Hey guys

    Kernal - thanks for the info man! I haven't ridden off road for a while now so this would be purely road use. I'm looking into kawasaki er-5's at the moment, but we'll see how it goes!
  5. In that case I'd go for a KLR650 :)
  6. Hi kap and welcome to NR
  7. Hi there, welcome to NR. I reckon the easiest way to get around Fiance objections is to get them to join you. When you do your L's, get her to come too and do it with you. Tell her that she may never actually ride, but at least she'll understand what you're up to. By the time you finish for the day, she'll be hooked. As for your folks, just take a teaspoon of cement and tell them to get over it ;)
  8. haha thanks very much guys - great advice :)
  9. Hey Kap, Welcome. I agree with minglis. She may get bitten by the bug and you can share a bike. Now thats finanancially rational!
  10. I learnt on the Kawasaki ER-5 and it was the best! I had it for 4 years and loved every moment of it - easy to service, and bloody unbreakable! You can throw anything at it and the ER-5 will just keep on going :)

    welcome kap!
  11. Welcome mate, do what makes you happy!

    It's easier to ask forgiveness, than permission.

    Alot of people told me not to / couldnt do it also, and thats why i didnt get my bike or license for a long time, and i should have done it earlier.