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kaoko cruise control in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Long shot I know but does anyone know where in melbourne i could buy and get fitted a Kaoko cruise control for my VFR 750, 95 model???

  2. Getting sore hands from the long ride?
  3. Unlikely to find anyone with a suitable version in stock, I would think. http://www.cruisingbikers.com.au are the AUS distributors - perhaps give them a call and ask who the Melb stockists are, and then give the store(s) a call.

    Most of the retail stores have the clip-on 'paddle' cruise, perhaps that will be enough to get you back home and you can order the kaoko online.
  4. Try Bikemart in Ringwood, then Peter Stevens / Harley Heaven
  5. You could call MCAS in Sydney for one and get it express posted to you.

    As for fitting its just a bar end the only tools you'll likely need is a hex key or screwdriver.
  6. I use one of these too, cheap and it works well. Effectively it is doing the same thing as the Kaoko ie; it's a friction lock, not an actual cruise control.
  7. I've used one of the throttle rockers before, had a bad experience with it once so gave it up. I seem to recollect that Robsalvv had a renowned confrontation with one too.
    Yes these dull flat Victorian roads play hell with your right hand, I'll follow up on the suggestions, as usual, great stuff from Netrider.