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Kangaroos Mornington Peninsula

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by cotso, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. We have plague proportions of Kangaroos down here, from the Dromana drive in, to Boneo Rd all the way back to Flinders. You can come across them anytime of the day on the road, Had a huge buck nearly land on me in the middle of the day. They have no predators down here so are not afraid to stay out all day.So take care folks and enjoy your ride.

  2. Yes! went for a night ride down boneo rd to flinders - cape schanck area, and while cruising down the road had approx. 20 big roo's jump every-which-way. quite scary considering it was twice the size of me and the bike.

    cant see them at night time till they are in your face.
  3. Wow!
    I have been told about them closer to Flinders areas but have yet to encounter (with luck) any Roos over the last 7 years I have been down this way.
    I'm more frightened of the bloody tourists and their caravans in the summer!
  4. I have a factory in Dromana, On Boundry Rd where it opens into paddocks you will see roos ,have counted up to 30 in the middle of the day,and even seen them resting inside the fence 10 mtrs from the road.
    By the way another danger you have apart from tourists are the many retired oldies,they are far worse.
  5. http://goo.gl/maps/DvjZ

    That same ride i spoke about just before, we had to turn around and we bailed up meakins rd (gravel boneo end and then turns to asphalt) but we encountered another 40+ just there. so with 40+ roo's and pot holes galore it wasn't fun.
  6. I was down boneo road and through red hill, flinders,balnarring,arthurs seat etc.. the other day and saw none.

    I'm always riding the area and i've yet to see a kangaroo or koala.
    I want to see one in the wild.. just not running in front of me!
  7. go for a ride after 9pm
  8. You serious? lol. have a look in the paddock on Boundary Rd where Collins comes out.Theres usually about 20-30 in there. Boneo to Flinders Rd !!!!! ask the panel shops how many cars get Roo damage. Most roos bed down through the day so you may not see their heads in the grass or in the bush,but they are there. Where the bush walking tracks are, the roos get spooked and run,and straight across roads without them stopping for a look
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  9. I lived on the peninsula for my first 20 years from Rosebud South, to Rosebud West, Rye and McCrae. Definitely seen a lot of roos but surprisingly don't remember too many roo encounters unless we were looking for them in Boneo or the hills. Although I do remember almost hitting a joey going up Arthurs Seat, stopped in the middle of my lane for a good 10-20 seconds to stare at my lights. Gotta be vigilant!
  10. i am i've never seen one haha, not in the wild.

    when the weather is better ill go down to where you said and have a look

  11. Take an after dark ride from Rosebud Via Truemans Road on a nice warm evening ,, better keep your eyes peeled once passed the Ace Hi Ranch, there used to be a large mob around the road into Greens Bush MotoX park .