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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lord nykon, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. I hit a kangaroo on the way home to day on my CBR
    Its not allot of fun and I wouldn’t suggest it
    Me and my bike are ok (just)
    Killed the roo

    Just wondering how common some thing like this is, and if every one gets of so lightly

  2. I know of a gent who has hit roos before, and on 2 seperate occaisions has hit emus.
  3. You and your bike were very lucky considering that the roo is dead and you're OK.
  4. I am fine and so is the bike im just glad it happened now and not a month ago because it took all of my skill and confidence to keep the bike up right

    And yes luck had quite a bit to do with it if it had hit in-between my spokes I don’t think I would have been able to hold it together as easily as I did
  5. My son hit a roo in my crewman last year, considering the damage to the car you are ONE LUCKY SOB, dont ever bother buying a lotto ticket again you used up all your luck for the next 3 lifetimes
  6. dude, we have some big roo's here in S.A, i'm suprised you didn't end up on your butt. i've only ever clipped one and that was enough to leave me white knuckled for a week!
  7. I must admit it was only a little roo LOL

    But still scary as hell and am not going to do it again in a hurry
  8. Yep, glad you're ok. I've hit a roo before, and it's no fun. Luckily it was back in my dirt days so there was little cause for concern. I just ditched the bike and let it hit. A few grazes on my arms and back, bike a little bent up and the fcuking roo bounced away as if it hadn't even realised it was hit. :mad: :LOL: :LOL:

    At least the pain was less than when the cage jumped out of the bushes. :LOL: It'll make a great story for the kids a few years from now. :wink:
  9. you are farkin lucky. I have so many stories about people who have died or seriously injured, or at the very least thousands of $ in debt for repairs on their vechicles.
    just look at haggis
  10. I had a run in with a roo a month ago, spent 3 weeks in hospital and will be off work for at least another month. I know a few cagers who have hit roos as well, so I think it's not all that uncommon. Bike was a write off by the way,so I'm pretty lucky :grin:
  11. If you're going to ride rural roads, LN, you are going to be playing lotteries with the wildlife. Chalk this one up to luck that you stayed upright. It may never happen again, or it may happen three times more in the next month!! Be alert (yeah, I know, we need more lerts) and have an escape route planned!
  12. (1) Consider yourself lucky.

    (2) Why didn't you strap Skippy to the back of your bike and take him home for dinner? I know a good recipe for Kangaroo Vindaloo ... :)
  13. Didn't exactly hit a 'roo but just clipped a wallaby while on the chookie and lost my front wheel one evening, face plant onto the trail but no real harm.
    The bugger was hitting a galah with my shoulder while "at speed", thought for a moment I was going to wear him in the helmet.
  14. yeah I think QLD roos are smaller than SA ones - mate of my dad's hit a roo on his trail bike & ended up with a busted bike & a busted arm.
  15. I did once I cheeked that there was no damage to me or the bike I flew home and grabbed dads car and went back for it.

    I didn’t get it quick enough though and by the time I tried to bleed it, it was too late so now I am going to get a decent folding (for safety)knife to keep with me when I’m on the bike
    Not that I’m wanting it to happen again but just in case and who knows when it might come in handy
  16. Little Roo??? I nearly had to change my pants after narrowly missing a pidgeon (@ 80) with my head.

    Im glad theres no urban roos in Melbourne! - Mind you I did see a fox round Albert Park a few weeks back.

  17. "Little Roos in QLD" LOL :rofl:

    I hope that if I hit one it will be a little one too. I've hit them on Bike, car, and truck. Sometimes no damage most of the time there is. Even broke the spotties on the truck :oops: You are lucky! don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now go out and get a lotto ticket and see if the lucks still on you.