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Kangaroo vs Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by phx, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Decided to ride up from Adelaide to Mount Gambier with my mate Nik to meet some other guys there for the weekend. Him on his TRX850, and me on my little GPX250.

    20ks before we get to Gambier (it had been dark for a couple of hours) a big grey jumps out next to Nik, hesitates and then sticks his shoulder under the front wheel. Nik had maybe got down to 90kph when he hit it and went into a bit of a wobbly lowside. I was too close behind him, clocked the roo in the neck myself. Things got pretty bouncy for me, but I stayed on. Missed Nik, who slid off the left side of the road. Was about a meter behind his bike as that slid down the road - I'm trying to get stable so I could brake properly, but not hit his bike. Surprising how quick a dropped bike slows down when its got bits gouging bits out the road - it was almost outbraking me (though i was bouncing pretty much until it slid to the center and I got around it).

    So I manage to stop, get back to Nik. He was fine - was wearing a good jacket, boots and helmet (all damaged). Wasnt wearing good pants tho - just some work Yakka style, so a bit of gravel rash to the knee. Sore hip this morning.

    Bike had the left side damaged about what you would expect from a 100kph drop - repairable, and he has full comp. I'll link some photos when they get uploaded. Frame and forks look straightish - bit surprising.

    Lots of people stopped to check on us, which was pretty cool. Closest I've come to having an off - hope it stays like that. Good view of what happened though ;)

    If the roo wasnt dead after Nik hit its shoulder, it definitely was after I clocked its neck.

    Calling the result in as:
    Kangaroo: 1, Bikes: 2

    We win. :)
  2. You catching all this marty??? See, you're right, the wildlife IS out to get us!
  3. Glad you're both in one piece, be it a little sore...
    I don't know about that tally at the bottom though.
    1 kangaroo took out 2 bikes.

    Kangaroo: 2 Bikes: 1 :D

    I hope you went back and kicked it a few times for the hell of it.
  4. Heheheehehe
    A Marty story!!!
  5. Nah, definitely Kangaroo: 1. I kept my bike up out of sheer fear of hurting something personal. Like my wallet.
  6. Apart from the obvious funny side in this story it does illustrate the fact that riding at night time, especially on rural roads, is fraught with this danger to an unacceptable extent.

    I used to do a lot of touring at night, but I try to restrict my saddle time to daylight hours these days for exactly that reason.

    I knwo there's times that you can't avoid it, but I makje it a rule not to ride rural roads at night.
  7. Actually to add to this, I was trying to figure out why my boot had been sliced by something. Had a closer look at my bike in the light - looks like the roo messed up the bottom half of my fairing :(

    So adding to the damage I have a busted fairing and a bent exhaust.

    I shouldve given it a kick too.
  8. 11AM going full bananas through Christmas Hills when this big arsed grey skippy decides to hop to the side of the road to get a better view of an SP1 passing by.

    He did stop by the side of the road and I managed to crawl past it at walking pace. The SP had amazing brakes :)
  9. and the ones you miss .....

    ...... get the heart racing f-a-a-ster than the ones you hit! :eek:
  10. Generally, I don't trust kangaroos.
  11. Well, you know what the mother kangaroo said to the other mother kangaroo, don't you?

    "Don't you just hate these rainy days when the kids have to play inside."
  12. I don't even like them when I'm off the bike. You take the kids to a wildlife sanctuary, and everyone's walking happily among these great big fcukers with damn great claws on their hindlegs and nothing between their ears...

    I don't trust 'em at all. Creepy things if you ask me.
  13. It jumped into his headlight pool, looked up at him, and then almost deliberately stuck its shoulder under his wheel.

    Stupid little bastards.
  14. reminds me of a story i heard recently, a guy was telling us he hit a roo, came off, then he said he picked it up, kicked it in the guts and rode away... my mate said quick as a flash, "the roo let you do that?"
    i laughed so hard my sides nearly burst :D
  15. And that reminds me of a Samoan story. If you go to Samoa, you'll find there are pigs wandering around most villages. Naturally, they try to cross the roads from time to time and every so often they come to grief.

    Samoan chaps come from warrior stock and tend to have a bit of a temper, so if you kill someone's pig you'll have a little explaining to do...

    There are also matters of local custom, etiquette etc. As a visitor, it pays to get a little advice on what you should do in this situation. So a consultant from New Zealand asked a Samoan guy what he would do if he ran over a pig - the immediate response was "throw it in the boot and keep driving".

    I guess you'd score a couple of meals and wouldn't get your head kicked in. :LOL:
  16. You guys came out better than I did, bike written off and not a whole lot of skin left on my legs. I was bikeless for 2.5 years as a result of the financial hit of downing a bike that wasn't insured.
  17. Ouch.

    I've always had insurance since I've owned a car. Mind you the 1st 6 months as a lowly paid Apprentice Tech with Telecom and living away from home I could only afford 3rd party for my mighty 4 door XU-1 lookalike Torana :shock: Mind you I did prang the old mans car during my 3rd party period and dropped him from a rating 1 to a 3, that was 20 years ago and I'm still hearing about it :roll: 23 years of driving and three prangs, 1st was my fault (and in dad's car) the others (in mine) not my fault.

    Back on topic.

    As for Roo's, never head butted any (yet) but had several take on the doors in the work wagon driving through national parks and bush tracks (something to do with driving at sunrise & sunset to and from work sites).

    Did run over a wombat on Wilson's Prom which pushed the right front wheel hard enough to damage the inner guard on the VT wagon and dislodge the front bumper and spray blood all over the underneath of the car, it smells after a few days too, meaning I had to jack the car up at a car wash and clean it off :x :roll:
  18. Back off topic again, I've never really explored anything into insurance... guess I might want to now I'm hearing this sort of stuff.

    And on topic;

    I once clocked a big grey doing about 130km/h in an old Mitsubishi Sigma. Now, it's not a bike obviously, but I was rightly amazed. The roo bounced OFF the rear wheel arch, and lay on the side of the road for a bit. I got out to check damage, and to my surprise there was no bloody sign of ANY impact at all. If the Roo hadn't of been all buggered up, I might have bought him a drink! :)
  19. I drove over the top of one that was killed by a truck and was left in the middle of my lane (saw it at the last minute).
    It made a massive THUD as the cross member hit the roo. Continued driving to QLD to watch the Broncos beat St.George again for the NSWRL Final and then drove around for a further 5 days.

    When I got back to Melb. I put the car up on ramps to change the oil and what do I find underneath the car..............whiskers, kangaroo whiskers.
  20. Years ago while driving down from Canberra to watch the Swann Series race at Sandown, I hit and killed a dog just outside Wangaratta. When I stopped for fuel next I checked for damage and there was none.

    But later I noticed my wheel was funny looking and, on closer inspection, I found some of the dog's fur wedged between the tyre and the beading of the rim. I actually had to deflate the tyre when I got home and remove it, it was wedged in so tight.