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Kangaroo Valley run Sunday 27th Jan

Discussion in 'NSW' started by dan chee, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Hey folks not sure if anyone will be keen as its the day after Aussie day but i'm going to do the kangaroo valley loop on sunday morning and have lunch at Kangaroo valley comming home via mt cambewarra, kiama bends and albion park. mt keria also, will be double demirtits so warp factor will be left at home.... meeting at sylvania maccas at 9.00 plan to kick off at 09.15

  2. Mate would love to as our last ride south bound was mad fun, but I have prior engagement. Enjoy.
  3. Take care (again) with Macquarie Pass; the road from near the top to right through to Robbo (past TFRPS) is being re-surfaced, and there's likely to be a lot of loose top-gravel even if the sealing is finished.
  4. I'll be in this one.
    I'm doing it Saturday as well.
  5. awesome will be great to catch up darwin as i cant make the putty ride monday....
  6. Farkers, I'll be working!!
    I did it Wednesday though...
  7. You seem to be working all the wrong days lately.
  8. hey darwin dont think its the days, i think its just the fact that he is working.... :LOL:
  9. well we still on, i have 4 takers.... anyone else?? maccas at 09.00 sylvania. cheers
  10. Dan, I'll meet you bods at Kangarro Valley, round the middle of the day, whereabouts??
  11. hey Paul i would imagine being at the WFRPS around the 10.30/11.00 mark plan to have lunch in kangaroo valley at the pie shop there.... about 12... ill pm you my number.
  12. Well, as a wrap up, warp factor was definitely left at home, although the big bikes did get a few chances to stretch their legs...

    I tagged along as a last minute addition on my old XR and had a great ride... normally I avoid group rides as my bikes 80ish top speed means everyone is waiting for me, but along this route, it was really only the long haul from Albion Park to Mt Kierra and from Mt Ousley to Helensburg where I was hunched over fighting the head shakes trying to keep up...

    Thanks Dan for the invite and to everyone else who came along for not getting annoyed waiting while I exercised my leg kicking the engine over at the stops...

  13. Thanks for organising the ride Dan.
    It was nice to meet you all, and I believe an enjoyable day was had by everyone.

  14. glad all had a good day, i belive eve is probly still crossing the city.... hopefully close to home now. was great to stretch the birds' legs with darwin out on pearsons lane and also a quick run into jambaroo... was great meeting Jason and Daryl for the first time, hope to see you both again out there. Daryl dont worry about us waiting, there is always time to chat when we wait..
  15. I'm home at last....relaxing and having more drinks Dan! It was a perfect day....if only we could disappear some of those cars so we could have relatively traffic free roads like tassie! I had a great day's ride and it was nice to meet you all and to meet up with you again Paul (thanks for the tips!). Thanks for the invite Dan, it was interesting (and good experience) to ride some not so well known roads...fyi, it was 435ks round trip for me. :grin:

    This was a first....the young women tourists at Bald Hill actually chose my gpx to sit on and have their photo taken, rather than the harley parked right next to it....maybe because my bike is red? Go gpx! :cool:


    Everyone at Sylvania Maccas this morning.

  16. 'Twas a hot afternoon, but the company and the riding was exceedingly cool!! Top marks to Daewoo for taking a trailie along with such big machinery in the mix, but Dan and Darwin's frequent stop-and-regroup policy worked very well. Eve, ya done good, they are not the easiest of roads, particularly on a Holiday Sunday with every man and his snail out to clog up the highways.

    It was a very enjoyable afternoon, and any time you're planning on venturing down this way again, be sure to include the Hornet in the mix :).
  17. Damn, sorry Dan missed what sounded like a good run......comittments!! :( :(

    Anyway was a bit grumpy after not being able to go to Adelaide and this just topped it off :evil:

    Now I've got the rest of the week to go riding :grin: :grin:
  18. Hey People, I didnt even read this ride was on, and by chance all you turned up at Macca's!

    Well you guys left us 3 at Balded Hill and by the time we got to Albion Park, it was backed up to the Woolshed. We sat down and had a lunch break in the air con. It took about an hour before the traffic was free again.

    Anyhoo, nice to meet you all again aswell. Good to see everyone made it through hassel free.

    Only seen one copper, and he booked a bloke on a GSXR who was just running her in.
  19. was wondering what happen to you lot, we turned off the freeway at fowlers rd, and crossing the bridge the traffic looked horendous.... had a quick trip to the bottom of mac pass and a great run up there with no cars at all..... glad you all got home safe