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Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass - Sat the 17th September

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Griffo, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hey People
    probably going to do this ride on Sat the 17th September weather dependent of course, this is the link to view the ride.

    http://g.co/maps/swm4 Its a shortened google maps url link

    If anyone is interested ill be at the Narellan macca's (silver VFR 800) from 7:45 with a 8am departure.

    If anyone has any ideas,questions or comments let me know nothing is in concrete.
    It wont be a Lazy Cruz or a RACE!

  2. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    What time do you think you will be in Albion Park, I might join you?

    I rode the Pass in both directions yesterday and today, it's in tip-top nick, and I did "The Loop" last Saturday, Kangaroo Valley is a bumpy cow of a road, but the rest is fine.
  3. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    probably about 10 thirty maybe a bit later if we go down the kangaroo and up the Pass, prob around 10 if we go down the Pass and up the valley all depends on what people want to do i haven't done the pass for years and only ever driven the Valley. Thats why im after an recommendations.
  4. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    well in that case

    down to Campbelltown and Appin, down the Appin road to Wollongong, the highway to Albion Park Rail roundabout, right along the Illawarra Highway to Albion Park, then up the Pass through to Robertson, down Pearce's Lane to the Wildes Meadow road, across to the Fitzroy Falls road and down Kangaroo Valley, up Cambewarra and down to Nowra, up the Princes Highway to Kiama bends, then left into the Jamberoo Road. If you have the energy you can turn left out of Jamberoo and go up Jamberoo Pass to the Pie Shop then ride down Macquarie Pass to Albion Park, or you can go straight through to Albion Park via the Jamberoo Road, and then home.....
  5. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    Lol sounds not bad but im going to shoot down the Appin road bit straight off the bat because Appin road to the gong really sucks in my opinion. And i kinda wanted to keep it around a 5 hr ride.
    The bit from Narrellan to Mittagong is a nice ride to get everyone comfortable i have done this many times also the good parts are 100kph. Do you think you would be able to put it on google maps and post a link for me cheers.
  6. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    Ever taken this road hornet??? http://g.co/maps/sqz4

    it looks narrow but fun
  7. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    No I haven't, but the one its branches OFF is narrow, bumpy and covered in with trees in lots of places, no road for anything other than high summer. It DOES have a fabulous lookout with a view for MILES to the south at the top, though.


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  8. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    I dunnit mate, back when I had a spada. the suspension on my 400 would have apoplexy if I tried it now.

    If hornet thinks KV is a bumpy cow of a road I recommend he never touch this one. It's not particularly narrow at the KV end, but there is about 2 kays of dirt - decent surface from memory and does get a bit narrower towards the Berry end. There's also a little plank bridge with steep ramps on both side that I accidentally got air off.

    The KV road (the road where A turns off) is nice with excellent views, though I've only been on the berry end, not the back half. Half way along I would typically turn off onto Tourist Rd which is a nice road with a horrible surface - there is parts with more patches than original road as well as completely random bumps and dips. It goes along the ridge with some excellent views and finishes at the hairpin on Moss Vale road.

  9. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    WoW dont everyone all put their hand up at once!!!
  10. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    Im keen. I can probably join from albion park. Just let me know what time. May i suggest after mac pass you could head into nowra via moss vale rd ( past mt camberwarra lookout depicted above) and into nerriga via braidwood road. I've driven there in the cage once and it was pretty tasty. Would be rather nice on the bike I believe.

    Just a suggestion anyhow. Would probably add another 2hrs on your round trip.
  11. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    It's been raining down here all day, quite heavily at times, you might like to reconsider.....
  12. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    Check your dates hornet.
  13. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

  14. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    I was thinking a few people might make the same mistake is there anyway to change the Thread description to include the date my bad.
  15. Re: Kangaroo Valley/ Macquarie Pass

    good idea. one of the mods of this particular forum must do that.....
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  16. If there are people out there that are coming on this ride and meeting me at Narellan that have not posted on here yet please let me know, otherwise i will not be going to Narellan as it is out of my way i was just going to use it as a centeral meeting point.