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Kangaroo Island - your thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. i have cousins coming from london at christmas time. their plan at this stage is to come to melbourne to visit us and bub-to-be, then head down to kanagaroo island for a couple of days then up to sydney to see my parents.

    by way of context there's 6 of them. 3 kids (12, 15, 22ish), 2 parents (about 50) and my aunt (over 70) though my aunt will probably stay in melbourne while the others go to kangaroo island.

    i haven't been to KI before. is it worth it?

    and what if we take them to phillip island while they're here in melbourne - will they get a lot more from kangaroo island that they can't find at phillip island?

    any thoughts greatly appreciated. thanks heaps, c
  2. Is this the first time they've been to Australia?

    KI may be great if they're interested in fishing, penguin tours, sea lion tours, local bric-a-brac.

    Though please note that the ferry is overpriced, you may be bored after a couple of days, I guess it depends on what interests them.
  3. +1
    If they want to see some fantastic beaches, go fishing, camping, see the bush etc, then yep, get them over there.
    If it's nightlife, shopping, pubs or anything else after 5pm that they're after, then forget it.

    I suspect though that for a bunch of Poms fresh off the boat it might be an interesting experience :)
  4. thanks guys. it's their second time to oz but the other one was also a short trip with just a few days in qld and then a week with our family in sydney. they may not have seen a lot of wildlife yet but having said that, they don't strike me as a camping and fishing crew - very inner city.

    i'm still thinking they're better off with a day trip or overnight trip to phillip island doing the penguins and the nobbies.

    anyone out there done both KI and PI and can directly compare?
  5. Yeah I've done both.
    PI and KI are only similar in that they are both islands.

    KI is much less developed/urban than PI, it's harder and more expensive to get to by far, and as a result offers more of a natural experience than PI ever could.
    There's lots of unsealed roads and no crowds really to speak of either.

    Personally I prefer KI but that's just me. It's less touristy, more rugged and just more natural if you know what I mean.
    There's a ton of wildlife there too. It's not called Kangaroo Is for nothing.

    It would really take a week or more to see it all anyway, it's a reasonably large place compared to PI.
  6. I may be a little biased being a Kangaroo Island resident and all, but it's a great place, just as long as you like the kind of stuff that it offers!

    You will definitely see wildlife: Kangaroos, wallabies, Echidnas, goanas, koalas, fur seals, sea lions, penguins, fish, lobster, squid, snakes. Just to name the commonly known ones.

    BEACHES! Who doesn't like a good beach? Kangaroo island has some great beaches. Vivonne bay beach even got awarded best beach in Australia by one of the major papers (Can't remember which). There are a heap of beaches that cater for everything; Photography, sun baking, swimming...

    Fishing: Not everyone likes fishing but if you are into it Kangaroo island has some of the best fishing spots around (Don't expect me to tell you the good ones though). There are also a heap of fishing charter boats operating off the island if you like that kinda thing....

    Even if you can't catch anything Kangaroo Island is the major port for the Southern Rock lobster(Crayfish) industry. You can buy them so fresh they are still alive and a lot cheaper than can be had on the mainland.

    Adventure: There are a heap of adventure type activities available.
    Kelly hill caves run adventure tours climbing through caves on your stomach with head torches or you can just take the well established (all standing) tour and see the amazing formations.
    ATV tours; there are a few places that offer 4 wheel bike tours around the island
    Kayak; Sea and river kayaking
    Diving; Tours and equipment, there are a heap of reefs and other assorted things worth seeing
    Camping; Basically limitless places you can go camping. There are a tonne of places both in the national parks and near the beaches.

    Remarkable rocks; I think everyone has probably seen the photos of them that are plastard on every kangaroo island related document ever produced, but they are worth seeing in person.
    Admirals arch; Also good to see, you will see a lot of fur seals and sealions hanging around on the rocks, they are very cute.
    Eucalyptus distillery; There is obviously a huge supply of gum trees on the island, they distill the oil and produce every product imaginable, they have demonstrations on how they extract it and all sorts.
    Honey farm; The only pure strain of the ligurian honey bee in existence is on the island (coincidently you can't take your own honey onto the island) they also produce a lot of honey related products, the icecream is great.
    Penguin tours; Everyone loves the cute fairy penguins, they are very prevalent on kangaroo island and easy to find yourself or you can take one of the many tours.
    Seal bay; It's not called seal bay for nothing, it's a long established beach with tours, trails and shops. The beach is packed with sealions and fur seals.

    lighthouses/random historical sites: There is a lot of history around the island, especially the large number of ship wrecks. Kingscote, Kangaroo island was also the first settlement in South Australia There are 4 lighthouses still operational with accommodation available in the old light keepers quarters.

    Yeah I think that is enough! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.

    PS: as mentioned above it is a lot larger than you think it is. People who try to see the whole thing in a day or two always leave wanting more. You need to stay around for a good week or so to scratch the surface.[/b]
  7. Mum and dad packed and took the old bucket of bolts to KI at the start of the year - dad posted a travel blog about it. Hope this helps you in your decisions (Plently of other good blogs there too, including others on KI)

  8. oh the best thing about KI Carri, is on the way back from it (after you land back on the mainland) you can ride Delamere Road...