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Kangaroo hunting!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enigma--, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hey fellow NRs

    On the 7th of this month, a mate and I embarked upon a day trip to Whitfield and back. I had a funny feeling about the ride, but who can say no, especially on a nice day!

    10km out of Whitfield, we came out of a corner (me in front), and, according to my mate (I have no recollection of it), a kangaroo hopped straight out in front of me, I got 2metres of braking in before impact (100km/h), supermanned over the handlebars and proceeded to tumble/slide for 72 metres.

    Result was a night in hospital, a broken collarbone, and one written off cbr 954.

    I thought about putting this up and obviously went ahead with it. I'm notputting it up to try and gain sympathy or anything... I just want to warn people!

    It was 11.50am, on a sunny day, you n ever know, I guess!

    I had full gear on. I had bought new leathers and boots the day before, in fact! You might just be going out for a Sunday cruise, but please people, anything can happen! If I had of been missing any bit of it hadn't of held up, I either wouldn't be here, or would be in a lot worse of a state than I am.

    Full comp just saved me a fortune!

    As it stands, I am a very lucky rider, there was no one coming the other way, and I slid down the road and not into anything. The fact it was not rider error in any way is kind of annoying, but I can't complain!

    I will attach some pics of both my gear, and the bike, as well as the culprit!





    Remember, you never know what is around the next corner! Stay safe on the road!

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  2. winner on the helmet, frame that bastard

    good to see u came out of this 1 (y)
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  3. I hope you had kangaroo steak sometime afterwards

    good to know you are ok.. ;)
  4. Glad you are relatively ok.
    What were the conditions at the side of the road like where it happened? Tree lined, open field ....? Looks like a bit of embankment in those pics.
  5. Still no kangaroo steaks, though one of my friends said he would start eating them every day till he got the bastard :p

    As I said, I don't recall, but those embankments would be what it was!
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  6. Bloody hell mate. Glad to see you came out ok. Helmet gone and done it's job. (y)
  7. Glad you survived, you were lucky!

    Thanks for sharing your story makes for a good demonstration of how gear works and how things can just happen when you least expect it.

    I personally have always used shoo roos on my bikes and who knows if they really work but I have done many rides out in the country a lot when roos are out and well I think they work and they are 5-15bucks, worth the investment, maybe for your next bike :)

  8. Glad you came out of it relatively injury free. Weird time of day for the roo to be bounding about isn't it?
  9. Lunchtime roo strike. That just sucks. Good to know that your well enough to be posting again. I guess it is wait for insurance now...
  10. Being from Canada, I'm not accustomed to Kangaroos jumping in front of vehicles so pardon my ignorance, but instead of hitting the brakes, what if you just smashed through the kangaroo?

    Would the impact be enough to throw you off the bike still?
  11. @enigma-- sorry for the broken collarbone. It sucks, but not the end of the world. Glad you are generally ok.
    One of the biggest troubles I had with broke collarbones - showering - wasn't even funny. So I just didn't bother for a few days. But my wife still didn't kick stincking-me out :) LOL

    BTW, did you plate it or went with "natural" healing?
  12. Hitting an adult Roo would be near akin to hitting a moose. Been account of people hitting big roos, them going through the windscreen, surviving, panicking and kicking them to death trying to get out.

    If I'm not mistaken, there was a rider recently down my old way that lost his life by hitting one on the bike.


    They get big.
  13. That roo looks like he's on roids!

    I get what would happen if you hit a moose. Not good!

    Glad you're fairly OK @enigma--! Hope you recover quickly and get back on the bike.

    Have fun gear and bike shopping!
  14. The red ones get huge! I hit a grey and they get pretty big, i don't think the picture does it justice :p
  15. #16 CraigA, Apr 16, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2013
    That roo isn't a freak or on roids.
    That's just what a fully grown buck looks like. The greys get big too. We have a few big bucks out at work. They are over 6 feet tall and solid built just like the red in that pic.
    They are a big solid piece of gear capable of causing a heap of damage.
  16. I've seen a few vids of roos jumping out, and it sure happens bloody quickly. I'm glad to hear that you're (relatively speaking) okay, and hope that the collarbone heals well and fast..
  17. Another thing you might like to know about them is that the bastards are unpredictable. They can jump away, you think you're alright and then they bounce back in front of you again. Never take them for granted.

    Even smaller critters like wombats and koalas can bring you down quite easily, but at least they move slower.
  18. Sorry to hear. Problem is going to be replacing that 954. Still the best blade ever made
  19. speaking of roided up roo's - [​IMG]
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