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kangaroo hides....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dirty_j, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. im looking for 5-6 large 'roo skins for a custom set of leathers. i'll shoot them myself if need be. lemmie know if you can help.

  2. Now nothing against the plan... but you do know that roo Hide is no where near as thick and tough as cow.
    great for shoes and bags, but not sure if you want it for protecting your back.
  3. exactly. roo hide is the standard for motogp. just as tough, half the weight of cow.
  4. so what they add padding underneath?
    because it doesn't have that bulk for absorbtion
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  6. Umm Dude you got that SOOOO wrong. Kangaroo leather can be made about 30% THINNER while still being 2-3 times STRONGER. It is what the race suits are made from that all the MotoGP riders wear as they can have a lighter race suit that at the same time in stronger.

    From memory i think Dianese where the first to trial the roo leather suits.
  7. yeah but the tare strength is only part of the story...

    I am more wondering about impact absorbtion.
  8. Love the location dirty_j,only place 2 b :!: ,Roo hide is actually the best material for leathers,no b*stad makes them though as far as Im aware :oops: ,apart from race suits as mentioned,had this conversation with a dealer few weeks back,there isnt the market in oz,considering the fact that theres more roos than people in oz at last estimate,seems amasing :shock: there are professional cullers,I would do a :google: or contact some of those places that do all sheep skin products,they may be able to point you in the right direction.
    What better material to make for Oz conditions than a creature thats evolved and bread in our environment to cope with all its conditions,granted they dont fare to well when mashed under the wheels of countless cars n trucks across our highways,same with the 4 dead wombats I saw on the Melba hwy on the ride up to Yea and back I saw yesterday.
    For some reason unbeknownst to mwah,people have an aversion to wearing a critter on our coat of arms and yet will wear a lovely little cute bunny rabbit without a care in the world when sticking an akubra on their melons crocodile dudee style,without a second thought,add to that some R.M.WILLIAMS boots and when there O.S. or go for the jaunt into the country,they walk about like their some pasturalist with a lazy few thousand acres of beef cattle when they live in Toorak and drive a Range rover dont you know. :jerk:
  9. Kangaroo Hides?

    I'm not surprised with you guys trying to make race suits out of him :LOL:
  10. We used to sell lots and lots of chemicals to the leather industry. For it's wieght, kangaroo leather is stronger than cow leather, but strength has only a small relationship to abrasion resistance. Cow leather, being far thicker (3-5 mm compared to 1.6 I think) has superior abrasion resistance just due to the extra material available to abrade away.

    This is the reason Tiger Angel still persist with cow hides rather than kangaroo I think.

    I think some of the kangaroo leather suit would be running a laminated double skinned type number to increase the abrasion resistance while improving tear resistance due to kangaroo leathers increased strength. The leather industry is notorius for being mega tight arses, so this would be an expensive option.

    Kangaroo leather does make great glove leather though due to it's thinner stronger nature.

    I know I would want 3 mm leather covering my arse and hips rather than 1.6 mm. And it's a big arse to cover!
  11. The leather itself is not going to offer much in the way of impact absorption. That is what the Foam and CE armour is for.
  12. padding/body armor. dririder isnt just a nylon windbreaker, is it? roo skin is better, and lighter than cow.
  13. um, $99 a skin. big guy= 4-5 skins. dainese suit= $2000. anyone just want to go hunting? oh, right, y'all got yer guns taken away. nevermind. thanks for the info.
  14. dirty j,

    do you have your own registered firearms and appropriate firearms licence?
  15. Just wait at a roadside truck stop and pick the dead roos out of the Bullbars of the interstate trucks :LOL:.
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  16. roo vs cow

    As I understand it,and please correct me if Im wrong here,Mr Underdog leathers,if he,s online will know,the el cheapo leather suits and jackets,like some of the Pakastani leather,are cut from the inner layers of the cow hide thats say 6mm thick,they take the inner 3mm of the cow hide,so there soft and supple,but dont last.If you go to U.K.theres endless Pakistani stores selling imitation replica race jackets that cost cost bugger all.They look a million bucks,but as with most things,you get what you pay for.
    If you have the inner layers,that are closer to the cow inner squishy bits that we love to throw on the Barbie,there going to be less resistant to the abrasive qualities,turn the cows skin inside out and we might have a serious case of mad cow disease from their hides driving them crazy from scratching their vital organs,the outer hide is already weather hardened thanks to nature and the nature of the beast out in the elements,and thats before they even treat the hide with chemicals for extra strength.

    I just googled roo hides and chances are 1 of these guys should be able to help I would say.
  17. I can remember having a chat with Steve Howden at Tiger Angel about Kangaroo and I seem to recall that there were two reasons why he wasn't using Roo. One was the difficulty of sourcing non-tick infested hides. Roos seem to attract ticks and wherever there is a tick that has penetrated the hide you cannot use that bit of the leather as it has weakened the hide and the surrounding area. As such trying to piece together leathers from bits and pieces of the roo hide becomes a very expensive exercise and Steve seemed to think that the leathers he sells might become too prohibitively expensive if he was to use Roo. Cow hide can also suffers from tick infestation so Steve said he also has to be careful of where he sources cow leather from too. So if you are going out to shoot a few, hopefully you have the correct licences but you are going to need more than just a few to get enough to cover you! As for the Motogp riders and their roo leathers, money isn't a problem (and neither should it be) when it comes to protecting their bodies but their leathers cost an absolute shedload of money.
  18. Can someone tell me who actually owns a 3mm leather suit? I think you'll find they're a lot thinner than that - and a 3mm one would be an absolute prick to move around in. It might be double layers in 'slide' areas, I suppose, but 3mm allover would be an absolute shocker for mobility. It'd be like wearing an 8mm diving wetsuit while trying to surf. :p
  19. Re: roo vs cow

    Can you add a little more punctuation so I can understand what the hell you're saying? Are you saying that cows have two skins, an inner and outer skin, and the inner skin is of lesser quality? Even if this was the case, your reasoning would not make sense - the treatment of leather to get it to wearable standard (tanning, I guess is the term) would completely change the leather from it's original condition. Saying that the outer hide (if such a thing exists) will be stronger simply because it's 'weathered' while on the cow seems like a bit of a stretch to me (pardon the pun).