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kangaroo claims a life

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scooter, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. From news.com.au

    Roos and white posts a bad combination, in this case.

  2. Roos and the early evening are an especially bad combination too.

    I hit one once, escaped with broken collar bone and damaged bike

    Kicked it several times.

    The bu99ers have no sense of self preservation.
  3. Cows, wombats, echnidnas; wildlife: its out there... its random... :shock:
  4. Condolances to his family and friends :cry:
  5. *waits* for matt232 to mention his experience(s)
  6. Not all the wildlife drive cars!
  7. no, just he vicious ones. :)

    Condolences to family and friends.
  8. keep waiting...I'm sure everyone can use the search facility :p
  9. I bet a few people living around canberra shit themselves around dusk on their bike! There seems to be a dead roo every 2 km's!!!
  10. OCI, you have hit it on the head. Canberra has been appalling for roos for a bout the last 4 or 5 years. The problem is that, with the drought, the food that they would be eating in the paddocks is gone, so they come out to the road because there's plants growing along the roadside that the cows and sheep can't reach (obviously).

    It's a nightmare riding (or driving) around the ACT at night these days.

    A couple of years ago my brother and I were coming back to Canberra from a fishing trip to Tathra and the roos along the side of the road from about Williamsdale in to town were so thick that we had to drop back to about 30km/h and crawl along until we got home.
  11. I once had a roo jump out at the car when i was doing 100km/hr. he/She hit the front driver quarter and front door on the ute(new ford). The damage was unbelievable, new panel new door the car just crumbled. Couldnt even get out of the driver door. And there was even a dint from the tail in the back pannel.
    What makes this worse is that i looked back in mirror and he jumped up and hopped of into bush! Twas a very big roo.
    Would hate to come across this on a bike.
  12. Transporting a broken Suzi GS-1000 back from a race meeting in Albury many years ago in a Holden ute, I hit a wombat in the middle of the infamous Ten Mile on the Putty. To make matters worse, I hit him right in the middle of one of the climbing right-handers. (If you've ridden the road, you know exactly where I mean).
    He was so big he rolled under the middle of engine/cross-member and both front wheels came off the ground and the ute started to head for the left verge, and a long drop!
    Fortunately, at the last possible minute, or so it felt, he rumbled out from under the left side of the ute and the front wheels hit the deck in time for me to steer round the corner. Like cBar6, the last thing I saw in the mirror was the wombat trundling off the road! Amazing!!
    Australian livestock and native animals are a serious hazard.