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Kangan TAFE maintenance course

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by steve315, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone done the Kangan TAFE motorbike maintenance short course?

    I'm thinking of doing it and want peoples' opinons before shelling out the money.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. So, no one has info on this course?
  3. Guess not!

    I phoned to ask what was taught.

    Basics like oil changes, air filters, chain maintenance. Also, tune-ups and setting the bike up for you - altering the suspension.

    I probably will do the course, depends if I get a new contract next month.
  4. Its run by a guy call rick djdnfjfifdsnsjcuiednm (He's got some polish name that I can never say)

    He's a nice guy and pretty good at teaching his stuff. I worked with him one on an other project outside of his TAFE and he is a genuine guy.
  5. thanks for the info. steve315, if you do manage to go, PM me and we can meet up beforehand or something?
  6. Hi guys 'n girls,

    I'm interested in doing this course as well to learn more about my bike.

    Now that some of you have/are completing the course please provide a more detailed description of what is covered in the course.
  7. Considering the short course booklet doesn't contain this course, I'd assume it's fairly new. As far as it being worthwhile, well at $320 I'd say no. All basic mechanical maintenance can be learned simply by reading manuals. It is after all very simple.
    If the course however goes into shimming valves or head rebuilds in 4 strokes, crank case splitting and rebuilds, then I'd consider it worthwhile. But I seriously doubt it would go anywhere near that level of detail as that's not 'maintenance' it's real work.
    Personally I wouldn't bother as I can pick up a manual and do most things, I'd spend $320 on tools instead! If however you are a bit of a luddite and need to be told and shown things ten times before you grasp the concept...Then it's probably better just to pay someone to do your maintenance.
  8. Kanga-Batman Institute of TAFE is the specialist motor industry and aerospace TAFE. I would presume that they know what they're doing. (although I've found that can be dangerous with some TAFES :LOL: )

    You could phone and ask about the course content. I'm not at work today but I'll contact some one I know out there next week (He's an Aprilia rider and works in IT :roll: ) and see what feedback he has. (He has a Polish name as well :LOL: )

    If you're out there at the Broadmeadows campus it's worth having a look at the aerospace centre - lots of cool aeroplane bits that are used for training.

  9. just letting people know I had to pull out due to my accident. I'll look into this or another course when able to :)
  10. Hey OutbreakMonkey - did you photocopy (i.e. steal) your maintanence manuals as well?

    Don't know how you can write off a training course unless you have done it. FYI - this course also covers setting up a bike for the individual rider.

    Undii - sorry you won't be there. Get well soon.
  11. hey Steve315, or anyone else thats done this course...
    I'm contemplating having a go at this, just wanted any thoughts/reviews from someone that has done this one specifically.

  12. rider maintenence course

    i did the holmesglen one in melbourne.. went into what makes a motor tick in great detail and i learned alot.. but didnt even show us how to do an oil change.. this would probably differ from instructor to instructor though me thinks?
  13. I dealt with Kangan Batman while I was doing my auto cert 2, compared to swinnie and box hill, the facilities are second to none with regards to fleets, tools, the hundreds of engines etc. Can't really go wrong, depends on the scope of the course.
  14. Hi Everyone,

    First post on here for a while, Ive been thinking of doing a Maintenance coure for a while now, been looking at the one at Kangan its $430 over 4 sessions. Ive had a few bikes and enjoy tinkering and doing as much as I can myself on them so I know how to do alot of the basic stuff allready. I just wanted to ask if anyone on here has done this course and what did they think of it?

    Also I emailed Kangan and asked for a more detailed description of whats covered, just in case anyone else is interested.


    Introduction to Motorcycle Maintenance Course
    Delivered at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence in the Docklands, this course aims to introduce participants to Motorcycle Maintenance through theory and practical simulations. The course has been developed to give students’ a better understanding of internal combustion engines and servicing procedures associated with all motorcycle technology. Listed below are the four week session topics and the elements that will be undertaken within the four week course. The course is a precursor to the more advanced Certificate level courses that Kangan Institute offer and there is no prerequisite required for student enrollment.

    Session 1: Induction and engine cycle operation
    ·Workplace induction, emergency evacuation and safety procedure

    ·2 and 4 stroke engine operation

    · Engine blow-by pressure and oil contamination

    Session 2: Motorcycle servicing procedures
    ·Service intervals

    ·Engine oil and filter service

    ·Cooling system inspection and service procedure

    Session 3: Ignition systems, intake and exhaust systems
    ·Spark plug operation and servicing procedures

    ·Fuel/air delivery operation systems and servicing

    ·Exhaust system operation and servicing procedures

    Session 4: Driveline, final drive and braking systems
    ·Clutch and transmission operation and service

    ·Chain, belt and shaft drive operation and service

    ·Brake inspection and servicing procedures
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  15. Another reason to hate Melbourne. No night/weekend courses like this in Sydney

  16. They also offer a discount when you buy more than 2 short courses.
  17. Damn expensive.. =\
  18. So any feedback from anyone whose done this course?