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Kaneg race stands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, May 6, 2010.

  1. Kaneg are having a special on race stands at the minute. I just ordered a pair and I'll do a little review on them when they come in.

  2. thats a good price. just be carefull.

    the rear stand was way too narrow to fit my buell and i believe they dont fit some honda cbr's

    theyre also pretty flimsy, multi piece construction ect. but still its a good price
  3. I've already got a front stand but am buying another pair for the tracky - I have no issues with the construction of the front stand. :)
  4. I picked some up for my cbr 250 a few months ago. Works well enough, but quite flimsy. I don't really know how far i'd trust a larger bike on a set. For that price they're a steal though.
  5. I bought a rear stand from Kaneg for my ZX-9R a few years ago, I have been very happy with it and would recommend them to others without hesitation. I'm not sure how they could be described as "flimsy" though? They seem plenty strong enough to me, and of all the people I know who have Kaneg stands, I have never heard of any of them having any sort of problem :-s
  6. 32mm tubing is far from flimsy... though sometimes Kaneg's joining fitment can be a bit ordinary - that's where the flimsy part might come in.
  7. yeah flimsy at the joins, the whold multi piece construction means it moves around a bit and the tubing is definetly thinner than the 1 piece i ended up with. though like i said, for the money its a bargain.

    all its gonna do is hold up a bike.

    just make sure it will fit as the rear stand is quite narrow.
  8. I have a Kaneg rear stand - hold my GPZ900 fully fueled easily. Been using it for about a year now.

    Fantastic service - I ordered around 3pm and it arrived the next day. I'll certainly buy form them again :D
  9. I wish the front stand in the deal was a headstem front stand :( That would be awesome value.
  10. Give em a call Port. I'm sure they'll come to the party somehow.
  11. Yeah, the tubing itself certainly wouldn't fail, i just don't know about the joins.
  12. Ok, so rather than start up a new thread on Kaneg stands I figured i'd resurrect this one :)
    Kaneg currently have a special on front stands, so I'm looking at buying a set (front+rear) to enable me to remove the wheels myself, and i'd imagine make other minor servicing (lubing chain etc) a little easier.

    One question i have, with the front stands which would I be better off with, the 'pin style' or the 'under fork' style?

    My bike is a CBR250RR if that makes a difference.
    Thanks fellas :)
  13. get the headlift if you ever plan on removing the forks
    and given you have a 250rr i'd say the forks are due for an overhaul if it hasn't been done already
  14. Thanks, wasn't really planning on removing the forks (just got the bike so wanting to start small).
    Just had a look at the headlift stands and they come out to what I'd be paying for a set of the basic front/back stands. Might look into a headlift in the future or once i upgrade, but for now I'm just looking at getting the basic stands...on a budget here after getting the bike + gear :)

    So yeah, pin style or under fork?
    And while we're on this topic, with the rear I'm thinking Spools over the Flat Platform ones, yay or nay?
  15. front stands only have the option of headlift or underfork. not sure what you mean by pin type.

    i have a spool stand. if your bike is the RR not the R, you'll have spool mounts already, just need to get some spools (ebay's your best bet, shops overcharge for the same thing)
    some guys i know have the flat stands and they don't like them.
    personaly choice really
  16. I've linked both the 'pin' & 'underfork' in my earlier post, unfortunately i'm not able to describe them any better in words.

    Yeah it's a RR. Kaneg includes either spools or flats with their stands so I'm all good on that end :)

    Thanks for the advice!
  17. The "pin" and "under fork" are both under fork lifts. The pin just gives you a bit more assurance and is a bit more finicky. I've never had an issue with latter.
  18. With the rear stand it will depend on what you prefer really. To me it seems somewhat safer to use the flats straight on the swing arm...one less thing to possibly break when lifting the bike up. I have heard of people having their spools breaking while the bike was on it. So it is a gamble in either case. In saying that, I have spools and use jack stands to hold the bike up using the spools. Haven't had issues thus far but I am not sure what brand spools they are.
  19. I was just fine with my Kaneg's on the zzr, but i need to get a new set for my trumpy as the entire configuration is different :(. Normally you can just get a different set of spools to suit it but no not in this case :(.

    edit: might sell the old ones (like new!) cheap on here soon as i find the spools - they are in a box somewhere!
  20. ok, now i'm with ya.
    there's really not much difference between the two, they're both under fork designs so there doesn't appear to be much benefit going either way.

    having thought about it (just now) if you won't be pulling the front off all that often personally i'd save the coin and invest it in better gear or training. there are other methods to lift the front when the time comes (rear stand and a car jack is the most common), much better idea than buying something you'll use once a year IMO