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Kaneg paddock stands

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by RRdevil, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. So first looming track day in 3 years and I needed some paddock stands for ease of tyre warmer use. The MV is obviously a single sided swinger and as such prices of rear stands start to get expensive.

    I looked around the Internet at the usual suspects of sharp racing (still the best build quality money can buy). I didn't find too much else in Australia for the F3 800

    The bike required a 42mm pin for the rear stand, this is a lot bigger than Ducati or benelli.

    I searched eBay and came up with Kaneg brand stands. At first I looked also for a front stand. The options are endless, and I settled on an under fork front stand, I was swayed easily as the stand was $69 with free delivery. But the kicker was that I received a $30 voucher from eBay form a previous sale of mine over $500. It was an easy choice, front stand delivered $39.

    I waited a couple days and it was delivered, easy to assemble.

    In the box was another voucher from Kaneg for 15% off any future purchases directly from their website.

    I searched and found the rear stand complete with correct pin for my bike. The stand retailed for $190 but with 15% off it came to $161 with free delivery. I have effectively bought two race stands for only $200.

    Build quality is very good. There are 4 wheels per stand for stability and they are decent wheels too (not as awesome as sharp racing wheels)

    The stands both assembled really easily and was easy to use by myself.
    One minor quibble is that the front stand is slightly to narrow in the lift pin areas making it hard to get in place with a tight squeeze and the rotor bolts sometimes getting in the way. This has been solved with big washers to pad out the gap.

    In all I would definitely buy kaneg products again. Quick postage and very good quality for the price.

    BTW anyone after stuff from them they currently have a discount code promotion going for the %15 off. At checkout simply type VC in capital letters in the coupon area. Really happy to give these guys more business and a plug on netrider.

    Will post pictures shortly

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  2. For July put the discount code of july25% in and you get................... 25% off

    I bought the front head lift stand and non digital tyre warmers. So far impressed with both and delivery is swift.
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  3. #3 RRdevil, Jul 24, 2014
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    Everyone get on them if there's something you've been wanting. This owners are Australian and I'd rather support them than some Chinese firm

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  4. I might just try plugging in july90% and see what happens
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  5. July99% and order one of evrything
  6. Why not July110%, then they should be sending you money :wacky:
  7. Good review RR and timely. I was just looking at the headstem/rear stand package, seemed pretty reasonably priced so I wondered about quality.
  8. I've been looking too, how do you think that rear stand would go with 250kg+ of bike?
  9. No different than any other stand would. 250kg isn't that heavy really. Perhaps send an enquiry to their online enquiry page. I'm sure there's a stand that'd suit your bike
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  10. Thanks @RRdevil@RRdevil i have been looking as well for the wifes F3. They look great!
    I'm going to buy a pair.
  11. ^^ I wish i was your wife
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  12. No you don't! I'm an ugly fukker!
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  13. thanks for posting this, just received my rear stand. awesome product for the price!
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