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Kaneg Bike Stands

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Julien, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I am thinking of getting the following bike stand for my ST3 from Kaneg:http://www.kaneg.com.au/store/category7_1.htm

    The price is very good. I was wondering anyone has any feedback on their products.
  2. They look ok and possibly a little stronger with the bracing than my Sharp Racing rear stand.
    Get your money out I say.
  3. I actually asked the guys from Sharp Racing how their products compare with the Kaneg products and this is the answer I received:

    "There is no comparison, its like comparing K Mart spanners to Snap-On! If you need a reference try any of the Four Factory superbike teams in Australia (and almost all the leading privateers) most of whom pay to use our gear, we back our products with a lifetime guarantee and are proudly 100% Australian made & owned."

    The Sharp Racing stands are at least twice as expensive as the Kaneg ones...
  4. Did you expect a difference response? :)
    For $100 difference they're worth a chance..............
  5. I got my kaneg stand delivered last week - works a treat and seems perfectly well constructed for my needs...
  6. yep i have a cheapo rjay stand think they are about 90-100, local bike shop stocks them, though one of my mates has one and reckons it a pain in the ass to get the bike up on compared to other stands, so i am guessing they must all be different
  7. +1 Same here, got mine a while back and no issues. Save yourself some $$ get the Kaneg.
  8. I've had no problems with my $100 RJays stand, but the Kaneg looks a little bit longer, which means it should be a bit easier to get up. (Not that the RJAys is hard, but easier is usually easier ;) )

    The pin that holds the pickup arms looks a little dodgy on the Kanegs, though, on the RJays style stands they are square. The price is very good though.

    Edit: Free spools too, go for it!
  9. had a kaneg stand for a few years with no problems. he gives discounts to a lot of clubs. (ksrc for example)
  10. After reading this I emailed them to ask a question, and Pete responded within 5 minutes to answer my question, and I then placed an order. $114 delivered with spools is a very good price.
  11. I have heard nothing but good things about Kaneg products and service, I bought a rear stand from them and have been 100% satisfied, so I say buy it (y)
  12. Julien, I've got the Kaneg for my ST3. For the price they are OK and do the job. Wheels are plastic and look pretty cheap, but again work ok. You have to tighten the joined parts pretty hard to stop it flexing around, though tubing is pretty decent size.

    You also need to bend the carrier hook outwards (just clamp on a vice & bash with a hammer) so that it doesn't scrape your swingarm, as the ST3 has the swingarm spools set deep into the swingarm.

    If I had the extra cash and did it again probably would have gone for an Anderson swingarm pivot stand.

  13. I ordered my stand yesterday, turned up today! Took 10 mins or so to put together, and got my GSR600 up on the stand no problem first time by myself. Very happy with it especially considering the price of $114 delivered inc spools.

  14. I received my stand a couple of weeks back now, and must say I was impressed with the service and the quality... Highly recommended.

    They gave me free "KANEG" vinyls too for my bike \\:D/
  15. Yep. Great products. Been using mine for over a year now. You see a lot of guys at the track using these. Can't be too much wrong with them seeing how many you see around the traps.
  16. +100 for Kaneg / Pete service...

    when I put Kaneg rearsets on the gumby I needed a longer pushrod to accomodate reverse pattern...sorted and had the parts within days..:biker:

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  17. Ive got one as well and it works very well! would recomend to anyone that was looking for one
  18. I've both the front and rear Kaneg stands and couldn't be happier with the quality of the products, ease of use and stability , price and service. About $200 for the front and rear stands as a set and free spools, you really can't go wrong. Yes there are better but not at this price.
  19. I've had my Kaneg rear stand since October last year - works great, priced well and customer service is amazing. Would certainly recommend :)