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KALOF - VIC Black VW Golf 98-05 Reg "ENMITY" female driver.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by jamesthewonderful, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. KALOF - VIC Black VW Golf 98-05 female driver.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. For my first post on Netrider I'd like to do every rider a favor and hopefully save someone from running into this moron.

    I was riding down Queens St in Melbourne CBD travelling south in the right lane. A golf was ahead of me in the left lane. She knew I was there because we had took off together at two sets of lights back and I was riding on the outer left edge of the lane so I'm in her mirrors but yeah I know, she probably didn't look.

    So just passed Collins St intersection she decides to make an abrupt u-turn. Bless her soul she even uses her confirmator lights (the people who use it as they do it) to let me know I'm about to be seriously injured. Both my wheels locked and screech, the back end lifted, I see a lot of metal and glass heading towards me. I see this silly young cow turn to look at me. I'm thinking this is going to be shithouse. If she had stopped or hesitated to complete her stupid maneuver I would've bit it.

    So enraged I turned around at the next gap and chased her down to La Trobe St and pulled next to her at the lights. I punched her window lightly, pointed my finger at her and gave my two cents. I wanted to smash her face and chop her car to pieces but I can't do that because of what I do for a living and who I work for.

    Naturally she just acted as if nothing happened. I told her she was a killer waiting to happen and to get her driving act together. Then I decided I was going to stop on the side of the road to walk in a circles for minute, went eat some sushi, relax and go home.

    Anyways. I'm 34. I live in the inner west of Melbourne. I got my L's in October and riding a Ninja 250. It's the best thing I have ever done. Love the nodding and waving among riders (well most). Anyone interested in lovely long scenic rides please buzz.
  2. she's also someones wife/daughter/sister and you just gave out her rego for what purpose exactly.

    you ride in the CBD, you know this stuff happens all the time, get used to it.

    you freaked out when you should have checked your temper and kept your cool.

    welcome to the forum though.
  3. Yeah, true. Thanks for bringing in a bit of balance. It was my first near miss and I will probably just get use to it more and more.
  4. then if you can remove the rego. Or maybe a mod will take care of it.

    You learn to watch out for VW, bmw's, toyota's, lexus's, taxi's, holden's, et al.
  5. Your attitude is piss poor and arrogant. Failure to give way is an extremely serious issue and one of the leading causes of death for motorcyclists.

    I would like to see how you react if someone, in an act of gross negligence, possibly reckless indifference as to your life, pulls a u-turn in front of you. I know given my limited ability on a motorcycle it would be highly unlikely that I could save a lock-up of both wheels. She is bloody lucky she got off scot-free. In my opinion James' actions were restrained. Very.

    The rego should stay. People need to be held accountable for their actions, given that the police and justice system in this country clearly have no interest in doing so unless it is expedient to do so or resulted in serious injury / death. Our fellow riders also need the heads up on people who are likely to kill on the roads.
  6. Re: KALOF - VIC Black VW Golf 98-05 female driver.

    Good one! :grin:
  7. I believe this site is still functional, although I don't know how much it is used. http://www.dobadriver.com/ Do a search and see if she is listed already, then add your incident. Let us know if she was there.

    I don't think violence or revenge are the way to handle these incidents, but I sometime wonder how many motorcyclists it would take to lift a car, turn it over, and put it on its roof. :-k :demon:
  8. I don't know if it is just me, but as far as I'm concerned that means you are riding to close to other vehicles given your skill level. As James clearly was in the OP.

    People change lanes without warning.

    People hang unexpected u-turns, right turns, and left turns.

    Sometimes they just stop dead in the lane to look for a parking space or wave at a friend or pick up a passenger.

    These things happen all the time, and to ride as if they did not is asking for trouble. If you can't control your bike well enough to come to a stop or maneuver around the obstacle in the space you've allowed yourself, then you are too close.

    It is fine to jump up and down and shout and wave fingers about who broke the road rules, but you will be the one in hospital - not them.

    Most people don't look, and for those who do look we still have the issue that bikes are harder to see. Rather than just being indignant and blaming the other vehicles for failure to give way, we should be accepting that this is one of the risks of riding motorcycles and adjust our riding strategies accordingly.

    James did the right thing by getting off his bike and cooling down. Sometimes that is the only thing to do when your blood gets up. If you take each incident personally you will develop a very bad attitude towards the rest of humanity, which must surely take some of the fun out of riding.
  9. And we only have the word of a 1mth rider to prove that she was the one at fault.
  10. Re: KALOF - VIC Black VW Golf 98-05 female driver.

    Go figure, another post just below yours, about the same response from a rider - and they were congratulated for their actions....

    Welcome to the forum8-[
  11. Re: KALOF - VIC Black VW Golf 98-05 female driver.

    I think it was the unneccesary posting of the rego that was the issue.

    I don't think that the other bloke was right either. Life is too short to go racing after people, who, in all probability didn't see you, didn't intend to try to kill you and certainly didn't start their day with 'I am gonna kill a bike rider today' as their first thought. I don't know how much remonstrating with someone who either didn't look or didn't see you it would take to have an effect, but I think it'd take more than this to change their view. And in the meantime you expose yourself to significant risk in the process, either due to your now amped up adrenaline or through their actions.

    I also want to know and ask the OP. If the driver of the vehicle was 6'2", tattooed, bearded and looked like he'd kill you and eat your first born for breakfast, would you still be so heroic? Or is it that you select your targets for your outrage to those that you think you can reliably intimidate? Kudos and good luck to you if the answer is negative.
  12. She f ucked up.
  13. Presumably so that other riders might see it and have a warning bell go off in case Princess Twatwaffle decides to do it again.

    If she doesn't want people to think about looking up her rego, she should stick to the state-issued random ones. Threads like this one are precisely why I don't have customized tags: I don't want to be memorable if I do something someone else doesn't like, intentionally or inadvertently.
  14. The number plate should have tipped you off. It is always safer to stay away from those advertising their hostility.

  15. I think yes and no to your reply Monkeyman. People make mistakes but when they fail to acknowledge/accept them like was described in this near miss, they should be told about it. Maybe they'll pay more attention in the future. The OP did stop to cool down afterwards which was a good thing.
  16. Her "acting like nothing happened" might have been her "shitting her pants" because a guy had turned around and chased her, caught up to her at the lights and she had nowhere to go while you punched her window!

    I know I would probably be avoiding eye contact in that situation.

    Yeah she might not have been looking out for motorbikes on the road, but let's face it- Not many people are.
  17. Still had no response about if the OP would do the same for a 6ft 2, 150kg, bearded, patch wearing bloke or whether the righteous indignation and vengeance is left just for people you know you can frighten.
  18. I think we know the answer to that one, Cliff.
  19. Ban violence against women!!
  20. Fukn noobs.

    Was she hot?