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K9 GSXR1000 (more pics pg2)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tim650, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. The K9 is currently being unveiled in a show in Paris, i just hope this photo is not what its gonna look like...The exhausts look weird IMO. And whats with the tank, the filler sticking up looks like a whale's blow-hole :LOL:

    Im waiting for real photos before i judge, otherwise big dissappointment and i might go 2009 R1.

    One on right is K8 for comparison.

    I will post as soon as they come through the press/people at the show.
  2. i like the k9! the exhaust on both are poo and id be replacing them straight away. is it just me or is the front a little bit different? the angle of the windshield maybe more horizontal?
  3. The GSX-R K9
    It's a Dog of a Bike :LOL:
  4. that front end looks very familiar..

  5. Here's a front shot.


    But notice the wheels have changed colour, and rear hugger, and rearsets have changed colour??? I think Suzuki is pulling peoples legs to throw them off. There's been much anticipation about this bike.

    I guess the main thing you buy a GSXR for is its performance, but i still want it to look good. Please be better looking than this :?
  6. they wouldn't would they???
    the honda looks better ffs!
  7. Whats with the super elevated/arched tube above the rear hugger?
  8. Pics coming
  9. that's definitely not it.its been around on GDC for ages.
  10. I've never seen the first post ones anywhere before.. We'll have to wait and see :shock:
  11. i think that jeffw is just takin the piss with them pics.
    they couldn't possibly make a bike so hideously ugly!
  12. My guess is that it is the rear brake line.

    I can only hope that the bike looks better in the flesh.
  13. looks like a faired gs500. I was hoping for more.
    Can't wait for BMW, Aprilia and KTM to come into this market seriously, it needs more competition to inspire the designers.
  14. in what way? :?
  15. Exhausts are ugly but i like it... Im pretty happy and cant wait to purchase one.