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K9 gsxr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by The_brick, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Hello all
    been awhile for me between posting
    Still coming to terms with the death of my zx12r
    But on a more heppier note I'm off tommorow to buy a new bike
    well 2 :p
    First I decided that a gsxr750k9 is going to suit me was looking and waiting for the k91000 but thats still 3mths off
    second is a gsr600k8? k9? for my partner she small and need something that se can sit on and touch the ground :LOL:
    ok heres the question!
    Anyone own a gsxr750k9 that can report on them
    or is there something more I should be looking at (like wait for the 1000)
    and yes i know the 750 will be upgraded next year
    it to go to work, rides on the weekend and the rare track day

  2. If you have come off the zx12r, wait for the 1000.
    The 750 is a nice all rounder, but if your use to tracking a uber litre bike, you will find it wanting.
  3. been thinking of that
    will go for a ride one 1 tommorow make the final choice after that
    Thanks for your reply
  4. Wish they would hurry up with the K10 already! I demand pics + specs!
  5. hey its the middle of the year nearly and the k9 1000 is still not here k10 hmmm maybe somewhere in the future at this rate 2012
  6. The K9 doesn't look so special to me... I reckon ride the 750 and see if you don't have more fun getting to use more throttle.
  7. yes loz
    I've looked at the specs for a gsxr it is very good
    hmmm power of a zx10 with the haddling of a blade
    tell me if i'm wrong :shock:
    ok still waiting on a reply of someone who owns one
    i will have fun tommorow (can only open it up as road speed limits)
    will post tommorow as final result
    would still love any input from guy who have or have riden these
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  9. Good choice of bike Brick - have fun testing.
  10. The all new XJ600 reached our showroom floor last week, it looks fantastic, and has a lower seat height than the FZ6, take ya misses down to Yamaha City and let her have a sit on one.
    And while your there, you may as well take our new 09 R1 demo for a spin, you won't be disappointed :wink:
  11. I've been waiting fo the K9 1000 for ages :( I just want dealers to have them already for test rides so i can..

    But still the 750 will be an awesome bike, how did u go with the test rides yesterday?? Did u lay down ur deposits :)
  12. i thought the k9 thou makes less power than the k8, but it revs fasteR?
  13. Ok outcome
    have purchased a gsxr750 k9 blue & white and a gladius black (non lams) :grin:
    hopefully get the gladius this weekend
    got to wait gsx maybe 2 weeks
  14. sweet. must be fun to buy 2 brand new bikes in one day. i guess the sales guy was wrapped....
  15. i wish i had that sought of cash to throw around lol

    i kinda like the look of the gladius
  16. What was the rideaway price for the K9 750 ?

  17. Am also interested :)
  18. I got quoted $15,000 ride away yesterday for a K9 750.

    I'm also waving between the K8 1000 or a K9 750. Will only decide in a couple of weeks when I'm ready to part with the cash.
  19. Where did you get your quote from ?
  20. Peter stevens