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K9 GSXR 600 Elec issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by iGSXR, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hey, my bike has no power at all. No dash lights, horn nada....nothing! Strange.....

    So I thouthts, ahhh Ive left the lights on some how, better charge battery - Not the issue, check fisues, nope not the issue. Multimetre says battery is at 13.2 volts

    Whats happening??

  2. Check your main ground on the battery & beyond & check how far from the battery you've got +12V, it'll be something simple I'm betting. Or very serious.
  3. +1 for MN check battery connections and bonding to frame. Otherwise when you said you checked fuses remember apart from the fuses for headlight etc there is a main fuse which is in the same box as the starter relay, separate to the other fuses. If that has blown you will not get power to anything.
  4. Thx for replies. Located main fuse but unable to get to it without removing fairing - is there a trick to this or am i missing something?
  5. That doesn't sound right... on my Daytona I only need to remove the left fairing infill panel. You'd think that it should be something like as you may need to change a fuse roadside.
  6. Just need to remove a few bolts and move the tail fairing back a bit so you can get to the main fuse.
  7. Yep, got it, thats a bit of work to get to a fuse.

    Its not hard just that the plastic plugs are fiddley and you can scratch the bike really easily. The GOOD news is that the fuse was blown, not sure why it did, but hopefully wont happen again.

    Lucky it was in my garage.

    While I was there I had my first look at the air filter,(bikes only got 5417 kms on it) Great induction sound from the bike when the tanks up, very cool!
  8. Buy a couple of replacements and keep one spare under the seat. Any after market wiring, extra lights, heated grips, LED blinkers etc check their wiring.

    Don't rush the bike on startup, ignition to start and wait for all the electronics and motors etc to move to the start position and stabilise then crank.

    Maybe just a freak thing, bad construction, vibration, heat etc. Fingers crossed. for you, glad you found the issue. :)
  9. Might be an idea to investigate why the main fuse blew in the first place or you may not get very far with the new one, not being a smartar$e, but from my own experience and observations those suzi's 06-10 aren't known for having robust electrics.
  10. Really? I didnt know that that?

    Yes I rang the dealer and they say at times they just go, usually from vibration. Asked if they can check it out for me on Saturday morning, they were like not really where do we start looking.......

    I suggested earths, main wiring harness, known "wet" points that may let in small amounts of water. How the f*(k should I know your the mechanic!](*,)
  11. Well, it's not as bad as it sounds, the harness itself is fine, its just a few things to watch out for if it starts behaving erratically - the R/R blowing up (see recall on 08-09 600/750 rectifiers http://www.motorcycleaddicts.org/suzuki/39619-suzuki-recalls-73-426-motorcycles.html which you'll know about as the charging circuit gets shot so you'll have a flat battery or sD symbol on your dash & the dash will act strangely, some had bad stators but didnt seem too unusual given the volumes sold, the tip over sensor failing randomly but it's easy to bypass with resistors, the idle speed control/fueling losing it's mind and requiring a reset, 02 sensor issues, and the TPS values requring a close eye to stay on track. I had all of the above except the bad stator, yeah! \\:D/ Fortunately the rest of the bike is great (apart from the stock master cylinder) and makes up for it. BTW I'm speaking as if the 600/750 are one and the same except for the engine.
  12. What RichiB says. Recently had the main fuse blow on a k7 600, and that was due to a short circuit in the R/R - it had basically exploded out the back of it!