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K8 / K9 help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurse, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Anyone have any news on the release date of the GSX-R1000 K9? I have a mate in the market, he'd like to find a second hand K8 but that's unlikely so he's trying to deceide whether he should just wait around for the K9 thou.

  2. So he has $$ for a new K9, but only wants a 2nd hand K8? :? Whats wrong with a new K8?

    But, going by the cycles, K9 should be an all brand new machine with lots of new trick bits, and if they're smart, 10kg lighter!
  3. Oi . Theres nothing wrong with the old K8 thanks very much.
  4. I personally would wait for the new 'K9, I am sure it'll be a big improvement on the current one, or any other bike in it's class; now that I think of it.
  5. What does the K stand for? Kmodelyear?
  6. Point out to your mate that the K7 and K8 1000s are the same.

    Yes. Suzuki use single letter designations for their models. The K-series GSXRs have been around since 2000, with the GSXR750K1.
  7. k9 should be out round september.
    it WILL reign supreme! :cool:
  8. pffft

    k9 is a dog . K8 ia a honey :p
  9. theres no pics here either.

    :worthlesspics: :p
  10. yep it works.
    thats not the k9 though,that be photoshop..
  11. Suzuki and most Jap manufacturers launch the next years bikes in Sept.
    Whether they land here then is another matter :roll:
  12. They might be shown to the world at that time, but production models for Suzuki have been getting released around April/May the following year for new models. :( Which means there's every chance you won't see a K9 1000 in the shops for another year!
  13. :grin: Just bought my K7 1000 a month ago. Has a heap of extra bits plus 15 mnths warranty left. Can be a good way to go if the budget is a bit tight :wink:
  14. or even better,get the much superior k5/6 model. :cool: :p
  15. Depending on the bike, quite possably true :cry:
  16. psssst,


    WAKE UP!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  17. denial :LOL: :wink: