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K8 GSXR-750 vs K8 GSXR-600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blaringmike, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I was hoping someone would be able to to tell me the differences between the K8 750 and 600.

    Obviously besides the extra engine CC and power/torque.

    Are these bikes essentially the same ie. chassis, suspension, brakes, riding position with just different engines?

    Can somone who has ridden both of these bikes give me some feed back on what they liked/disliked about either bike.

    I've still got 6 months left on restrictions so I can't go ride either to find out for myself. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Essentially they're identical I think. I think their might be better suspension in the 600, more adjustable? I think........ :?
  3. not one bit of difference.

    a word of advice: do not waste your time (and money) on a 600. Or better yet, buy a 1000. The K7 is gonna be up for some discounts later this year. And it's very smooth and easy to ride.
  4. Never riden either :? .
    But isn't the 750 ,easyer to ride around town with more low end power easier to ride in all conditions road -track and much better for long distance riding...comfort .: ??
    When the 600 is more a track bike ,hard to ride slow in traffic and head down ass up ...attack mod.. ??

    The 750 is my dream bike :cool:
  5. both the same apart from the motor and some minor little things.

    both have the same riding position.

    one goes harder than the other.

  6. Sounds like someone's trying to win a dick swingin' contest! 600's have enough power for the road, as does a 750 and a 1000. What can a 1000 do on the road (legally) that a 600 can't? I'm not saying one's better than the other, but buying a 600 is hardly a 'waste' of time and money. :roll:

    People with inferiority complex's frustrate me :roll:
  7. can i play too??
    it might not be as big as others, but has proven performance :grin:
  8. Have ridden the 600 and the thou, not recent ones though. They will both threaten your license severely, and both have ballistic acceleration. One is just alot more psycho than the other, but they're both brutal savage beasts that are alot of fun :D I've heard so many people test riding the 750 and thou then wondering why people would sacrifice the handling for the thou when the 750 is still so much more than 10 times too much.
  9. Like everyone else has stated there have not been all that many changes to both bikes that make it much dfferent than the other. There is more low and midrange on the 750 than there is on the 600 and offcourse more hp apart from that they are pretty much the same. I had the same question that u have at the moment whether to go with the 600 or 750. I went with the 750 as I believe it is the best of both worlds
  10. so, did I win? :LOL: the contest

    no need to get defesive. Who cares what you ride as long as you enjoy it?

    1000 is just a lot easier to ride than a 600 or a 750. And 750 is just good for everything. I love my 750 but wish I went the full monty in the first place.
  11. I would prefer to buy a 600, then make the move up to a 1000 in time :grin:
    One difference i read is the back tyre on a GSXR600 is they use a 180wide, and the GSXR750 uses a 190wide tyre like the 1000. Not sure if the rim width is wider and the same as the GSXR1000's 6in wide rim or they simply put a bigger tyre on the 5.5inch rim off the 600.

    Someone could probably verify.
  12. Thanks all for the responses.

    I guess I'll just have to wait until I can test ride them now :cry:
  13. Nup!
  14. There you go :p
  15. Of all the Japanese sportsbikes the GSXR750K8 would be my fave but what stops me getting one is that they don't come with that rad white paint scheme of the 600. The 600's nowdays are very quick - I had an FZR600 and later on a CBR600 back in the 90's (hence my love for white wheels!!) and they were pretty quick back then. The 600's now are packing a heap more power and torque and weigh quite a few kg's less than what I had. One good thing with the 600 (as opposed to a 1000) is that once you get on to the track you can spend more time riding the thing than worrying about the throttle. Personally I'd go a 750 for the extra torque and less revs and I think the 1000cc is just too much for me to use responsibly.
  16. Modern 600's (2006+ Daytona 675, 2007+ CBR600RR, 2008+ GSXR600) have very closely shaped power curves and midrange to the original 1992 Fireblade that rocked the motorcycling world in its day with its blend of high power, light weight, and handling. Modern 600's also have a better power-weight ratio than the original Fireblade did, being significantly lighter.

    When people talk of 600cc bikes of today being "weak and novice friendly", they're only saying that in relative terms. A modern 600 4/675 3 back in 1992 would've been heralded as a balls-out extreme widow-maker, just like the original Fireblade was labelled in its day, and modern 600's will accelerate even faster than the original Fireblade did.

    This is the real reason for why the 2008 GSXR600 has its 3-mode power switch. People call modern 600's soft, but it's all relative. That's only in comparison to modern litre bikes which offer more rear-wheel power and better power-weight ratios that the tweaked, tuned and modified 750cc championship winning World Superbikes did just 5 years ago. Let's just say that again. Modern litre bikes in an engine unmodified form (but with full-spec suspension) would have blitzed the World Superbike Championship 5 years ago.

    A modern GSXR750 has as much power, but with a better power:weight ratio than any 900-1000cc bike in the 1998-2000 years. We're talking R1's, CBR929's, ZX9's, and so on.

    When people say tripe like "Modern 600's are weak and are hard work", it's so far from the truth that it's not funny. About the only modern 600 bike that is like that is the Yamaha R6 with its 2-stroke-like peaky engine. I do have a feeling that's what most people think of though when they think of modern 600's, and it's a sad thing.
  17. :WStupid:

    That's because people are fcuking lazy, and seem to be incapable of moving their foot the 5cm or so it takes to downshift. I had no problem keeping on the ride today, and the 4 bikes in front of me were a K5 1000, Firestorm, Busa and ZX-9. And I was just keeping in 5th and 6th as well. Blip the throttle, quick tap into 3rd and I could pass them. What's hard work about that?
  18. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Are you saying the new 750's have the same power as a 98-99 R1??

    I rode one of these a while ago and I'm still scared sh!tless as to how powerful it was.

    Totally agree. I hear people all the time saying this. A lot of people tell me not to bother with a 600 and go straight to a 1000. I don't agree with this at all. Coming from a 10 year old 250 to a 600 will be an enormous step let alone going to a 1000.
  19. Yep, both are around 130hp at the rear wheel. The 750 might be a couple of horsepower down on the '98-'99 R1's, but it's pretty close. The R1's still have more mid-range, but the newer 750's weigh about 20kgs less. The 750's are geared a little too tall too. Drop 1-tooth on the front sprocket and they'd have roughly equal gearing. Do that, and the 750 would walk away from the R1 in a straight line given the same rider weight. I know this 'cos at the race-track on my old 2000 model R1 that the post 2004 750's were side by side with me the entire way down the main straight, and the 2006 750's would actually pull a gap. My R1 was modified and putting out around 145rwhp, and was geared for better acceleration too. Mind you, I was also a bit porky at the time too.
  20. Holy cow batman...

    Maybe I'll forget about the 750 and go for a 600. As fun as the power is I'm no where near able to use it sensibly.