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K8 GSX-R 1000: Coolant Burbling & Leaking After Ride

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pleiades, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I've just been for a ride looking around the inner city suburbs (Northcote to St K, back to Clifton Hill and Northcote via City). It's not hot, max was 25 degrees C. When I got home and switched the motor off, I could hear coolant bubbling away somewhere underneath the tank. After about a minute (enough time for me to get my helmet and gloves off and have a look around), coolant started coming out of the fairing at the bottom of the bike. There wasn't much, maybe a cup or so, and I couldn't see where it was coming from. Temp was around 108 C after sitting around for a few minutes.

    Some info:

    Traffic wasn't bad today, I didn't get stuck in any major queue scenario's, and I certainly wasn't giving it much - was looking at houses, so just a mild commute. The bike never sits for more than two weeks without at least doing the 15 minute commute to work. Just had the 6000K service about a month ago, followed by a track day at Broadford (44 degrees in the shade that day!!!). Bike has been feeling fine for the last month.

    Anyone got any ideas whether this was just some excess coolant being expelled, or may I have a problem? And do I need to take the fairing off to get to the radiator cap to check my levels?
  2. Right, so I hunted around for a bit, and found this to help me get the fairings off: http://www.gixxer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211657.

    I then had a look and noticed this hose. It had some coolant residue at the opening.


    It went back to this bottle under the tank. I didn't open the bottle (have only just thought about that, actually. And all the fairings are back on the bike...)


    I'm guessing it is some sort of overflow for the radiator (which is full, btw). Looks like much ado about nothing. Can anyone confirm that it is an overflow bottle?
  3. Yes. Perhaps the reservoir is overfull? Is it up to the "full" mark or the cap? :)
  4. Coolant came out when I took the cap off, so overfilled sounds like the cause. Bike had cooled down, sat in the shade for a couple of hours.

    Anyway, was good to get the fairings off for the first time ever and have a good squiz at what's under there. Now I know where those friggen spiders are hiding. They scare the shit out of me when they come up onto the screen...