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k7 gsxr pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by orp, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Very nice, Suzuki have done it again.
  2. I'm liking the GSR1000, but I'll do with my GSR600 for now.
  3. gsxaahh

    The customised power setting sound bloody awsome. Can't wait until proper traction control starts getting integrated into the bikes. I'll definately upgrade when they get traction control sorted out. Listening to Vermeulen talking about the traction control setting at the Motogp got me all excited...druell..
  4. That exhaust is seriously ugly, possibly worse than the K6.
  5. Every year the gixxer gets Faster & Lighter, below is the new K7

    With Hopkins testing it.


  6. Why doesn't the 750 get the blue wheels like the 600 :mad: :evil:
  7. Clean Lines, Awesome Styling. A very nice model Gixxer 600 :grin:

    Also saw that they're upgrading the SV650's capacity from 650cc to 700cc in order to maintain a dominance in the middleweight naked market.
  8. I believe the cc upgrade on the SV is just rumour.. The SV motor remains 650cc but has an extra plug per cylinder so it meets emissions standards.. The Vstrom 650 '07 has the new "sv" engine.. Both the SV and Vstrom have used the same engine..
  9. Those short exausts look crap. Other than that, those bikes are sh!t hot.
  10. Re: gsxaahh

    Not as cool as BMW's ESA... that's what I really want! :(

    Exhaust would need replacing before anyone saw me with it, but otherwise it looks fine. Just fine - not that much different to any GSXR.
  11. Bikes need electronic suspension preset adjustments. Well, I can dream.
  12. The new R1 looks much better :p