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K7 GSXR-750 - Four month review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gilligan, May 27, 2008.

  1. After owning my new black K7 GSXR-750 for four months and 5500 km I was prompted by un-named sources to write an overdue review of my thoughts on the bike, so here it is.

    The brief summary:
    I love this bike :grin:

    The extended version:
    I upgraded from a little 250cc Spada so the GSXR-750 was a bit of a jump. Despite this I found that the 750 is a very easy bike to ride. If anything I think it is easier than the 250 as the power is very controllable and the bike is so much more stable and easier to ride. The Spada would have me hanging on for my life at 110kph. At speeds higher than this on the GSXR I can cruise along totally relaxed. While this bike has a lot more power than the 250 I don’t see any issue with it at all as the bike simply does what you tell it to do through your wrist.

    I chose the GSXR-750 as I wanted bigger than a 600 but didn’t particularly want a 1000cc. It was also the most comfortable sport bike for me of all the ones I tried. After four months I still find the bike quite comfortable and not a problem around town or on long trips. I will occasionally get a bit of a numb right hand in heavy traffic, something I never got on the 250, but this is as bad as it gets.

    The handling of the bike is incredible. I am fully aware that at this stage I don’t ride the bike to even half of what it is capable of, but even so, the way it handles is amazing. It corners like it is on rails with amazing grip and stability. This bike loves to tip into corners. It took me a while to get used to it. It was only after I stopped resisting and let the bike fall into corners like it wants to that I began to fully appreciate what it could do. The brakes work fine though the front brake is a little softer than I would like. It doesn’t have a lot of initial bite, but I just squeeze a bit harder.

    The motor on this bike? Well, I love it. From 4k rpm it has plenty of pull so it is so easy to ride around town. Granted it doesn’t have the torque of a 1000cc bike so gear selection becomes a little more important but still, riding in traffic around town is a breeze. It’s geared to do about 140 kph in first so gear changes around town are minimal! Open it up and it rockets away. It goes hard and from 10k rpm it pulls even harder to the 15k rpm redline. And I mean insanely hard. Take off in first gear and the shift light is flashing before I have time to think and cars at the lights are specks in the mirror. Even after four months I am blown away by how hard this bike accelerates. I have no complaints whatsoever about the power of this bike. The people who said a 750 would get boring and I should get a 1000 should try riding one. I reckon that outside of a racetrack this bike is as quick as any 1000cc bike and its lightness and nimbleness adds to its appeal. As I said earlier, despite the power I find it a breeze to ride. I haven’t had single scary moment on it yet and if I ever get into trouble it will not be because of the bike’s power delivery. I put an Akrapovic carbon shorty exhaust on the bike and it sounds great. I still get a buzz every time I go to the garage and hit the starter and that angry engine bursts into life.

    I have had no problems with the bike yet. It developed an irritating buzzing vibration at 5.5k-7k rpm but I tracked this down to a plastic heat shield behind the radiator and fixed it with a bit of rubber. Apart from this I have no complaints.

    All in all I am very happy with this bike and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by it. The combination of power, comfort, handling and looks is a winner for me :cool:

    Oh, and for those who are interested, I got it for $15100 on the road and insurance is about $1020 a year with Western QBE (34 y.o., Rating 1). I bought it through Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie after going to a number of dealers and they were by far the best to deal with IMHO. Friendly, helpful, no pressure, no B.S. and no games to get a price that beat all the others by a long way. I was disappointed by the poor service and attitude of some of the other prominent dealers and I definitely recommend Raceway if you're in the market for a new Suzuki.
  2. Great review.

    It's nice to see that Suzuki GSXR750s have obviously come on a bit - I bought a new GSXR750WN when it was the hot poop bike to own and it was both pooh and pants. Despite all of the mags of the time claiming it to be the second coming of Christ Himself, it remains to this day the least favourite bike I've ever owned.

    Thumbs up for yours though - sounds like it's the biz.
  3. Almost without exception everyone loves the bike that they own. It doesn't matter what it is, it's yours and you and it are one when you ride.

    What I get most out of any review is reading about the passion that people have for their machines. That's what it's all about.

    You love your machine and that makes it the best bike in the world!

    Good stuff!!
  4. That was a great review. Nice one :grin:

    Only 11 months and 26 days to go.... :LOL:

    That never ceases to amaze me.
  5. Two workmates each just bought an 07 GSX-R750, one blue/white and the other blue/black. The second one caved in only two days after the first, lol. I was grinning from ear to ear, too.

    Even though I've got my eyes on the 08 CBR1000RR (yellow/black) I still thought it was an awesome purchase. I love the look of those bikes.

    I am 39 and have a rating one. Insure My Ride quoted me just over $700 per year for the litre bike. I thought that was excellent. I've just comprehensively insured my CBR250RR with them, for just over $300 per year. NRMA was almost double that, and for 1K less.

    Well done on your purchase, and its always good to hear good things about a bike.
  6. Excellent stuff Chris! Is definitely one to test ride in the next few mths.
  7. I've had one for a year now. Since brand new. Agree with all. It looks sexy (black is the go) and pulls like a locomotive. Every ride is pure pleasure. Probably the most sorted bike of them all right now. Gadget-wise it has them all. Gear selection is a bit more important than on a 1000 and bottom end is lacking. But that is compared to a GSXr1000 (k6). On its own it is insanely fast. And no problem keeping up with 1000. I could consistently ride beyond 200kph with no deterioration of stability and the bike was begging for more. Last year I took it to Victoria (I'm based in Sydney) to GOR. That's when I wished for a 1000. 750's too small for a long trip. It's more of a short quick dash machine. My body could barely take the punishment. And I'm pretty fit and small. For bigger guys it would be murderous. My legs were going numb and my hips were cramping up constantly. Right wrist would go numb from vibration (normal for 750s). I came back and started seriously considering upgrading to a litre. The only problem is 750 is such a great bike to ride in-and-around town that I can't bring myself to sell it.

    Insurance: $860 with Arista underwriting. Obviously I'm not 16
  8. Thanks for the review, well written.

    I'm looking for a new bike, and have tried quite a few including the 08 GSX-R 750. In a word? I didn't like it. I'm sorry but whilst there's plenty of power and it handles well, it simply lacks the refinement of some of the other bikes. It looked and felt a little on the cheap side to me. And the new one has all this boy-racer plastis bits everywhere, that will appeal to some but didn't do it for me.

    Probably worse of all were these two plasib bits extending into the side of the tank. I don't know why they're there, the kept digging into my knees and thighs. I tried every possible position, but nope, they were still there.

    Maybe the 2006 / 2007 doesn't suffer from this defect, but even without it it simply lacks the quality in my opinion. Sorry :oops:
  9. Yeah, but that's because you've been riding a Honda :) . You're always going to have that problem from now on!
  10. that's the problem. I haven't ridden it, but read about it. The K8 750 is a bit of joke. That power switch is just plain stupid. Change for change's sake. Nothing drastic. Then again: you can't improve on perfection))). Just make the exhaust ugly, to keep the third party manufacturers happy. Because K7’s was too pretty. Not sure about cheapness though. Looks pretty solid to me. They're all plastic boy-racers. If you want pig iron, get a harley))) As for refinement. Well, Honda is surely refined. To the point of feeling scooter like. You've gotta know where to stop (refining that is). My mate, coming from his Screaming Eagle, called my 750 clinical. Funny guy that he is.
  11. Yeah well, it's a switch, if you don't like it you don't have to use it. But it might come in handy for some people in some conditions and it doesn't get in the way if you want to just leave it on A so I don't see what's the problem?

    Don't be a dill, anything that manufacturers do to their exhausts have nothing to do with keeping third party manufacturers happy, and everything to do with keeping up with the emission targets. If you don't like the exhaust on current GSXR, ZX10 or whatever, thank politicians.
  12. good read!.

    only 2 months + a smidge to GO!!

    the gixxer sounds like massive fun to ride. But the k8 looks a bit to plastic-y for my liking. only subtle changes. and i prefer the k7 taillight too! One thing i dont like is when people get an open exhaust, every time they accelerate my ears go POP!.

  13. well. it adds complexity if you ask me. I can kinda understand it on a litre but on a 600 or 750 it just sounds like another one of those silly marketing ideas. You're right it's not an invasive technology if you just stick into A and leave it there, but once you start playing with it, who knows what it's gonna do to your riding. That's invasive and therefore unpredictable. A lot of people use 600 & 750 as their first serious bike after their P period. The last thing they need is to start thinking about some silly little switch that changes their bike's behaviour. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  14. Despite my criticism of this bike, the power switch is one thing that I did like. It would be great to ride in the wet, or if you're new to track days you could put it in the middle position and it would make the ride much more enjoyable and safe. It doesn't harm you to have it.

    Just because it looks pretty solid to you I don't know that it makes it so. Most exprienced riders feel the same way. But anyhow by 'cheap' I mean cheap in the way a Hyunday car looks cheap compared to, say, a BMW, - if you catch my drift.

    Ditto for 'refinement'. Go and ride the new ZX10R, and you will understand what I mean. It doesn't matter that it's a bigger bike, the fact is that the mirrors don't vibrate so badly that you can't use them, the engine is growly but smooth, the quality of the components is superior, the fairing is well made and not a whole bunch of plastic bits stuck together. And it's still looks and behaves like a supersport.
  15. My hands were numb after about 2km on this bike!
    The engine, well there's reportedly issues with the engines durability, and longevity has been questioned. Bit hard to tell after only a month though...

    Give me the gixxer any day over the kwaka, and I have a serious soft spot for Kawasaki, I would love to have one, but I am a bit more practical than to just have one for the sake of it, I would rather have a bike I enjoy riding.
  16. I was wondering how long it would take for a gixxer owner to come to the rescue. If I made a similar criticism of a Hyunday car on a motoring forum - and said that a mercedes was more refined - a Hyunday driver would try to convince us that it's actually better than the Mercedes.

    Yes, sure, the gixxer is better quality than the kwaka. :LOL:

    FWIW the ZX10R was only used as an example, I could have used other bikes (CBR 600, R6, Daytona, 848 ... all are higher quality).
  17. Just tellin' my experience mate. My hands get numb on the gix too, just not anywhere near as quick as it did on the '08 ZX10. Other than that, I fcuking loved the bike and would probably buy one, but not with that sort of vibration, I wouldn't want to ride it.

    Every bike is the best bike, for the right person.
  18. I thought I'd sit this one out))) but hey...

    I would never say that a gix is better quality than a Kaw. But compare Kaw to a Merc???... That takes the cake :LOL: sorry mate

    actually suz sits somewhere #2 between Honda and Yamaha quality wise. depending on the model of coarse. and Kaw is universally known for their quality issues. I rode all 1000s (i'm currently on the market for one), all previous models mind you. zx10r was the only one that felt last century. Looks great though.

    848 was demolished by the Superbike for cheapness of its plastic, inadequate performance, bad setup and the price tag. Lost to the old 750 by the way.