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K7 Gsx-r750

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by KAMBO, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. About a month ago I got a stock k7 750 with only ~2300kms on it!!!! Which I couldn't legally ride, so it pretty much sat in the garage for a month, not quite sure why I bought it so early but I was on leave and decided to go "looking" for next months ride as you do. Pretty much the first bike I saw I bought (lol).

    With a month or so to go I did an oil change, stuck some rim tape on, added the f/e without splicing wires, even stuck a reflector on which I got from repco (to make the fe road legal?) as it had a led and again rode the backstreet's some more trying not to hoon it up/get caught/stack etc etc (and trying to find a use for 3rd gear!!!)

    I ordered a pipe+levers from the US (exchange rate 93c booya!) and last week I got off my restrictions meanwhile the goods were also delivered (I was interstate on work -yep). The post office left a nice note for me to stare at though. I picked up the goods the next day, went to work, parked & prayed that no1 would look into my car and see the Akrapovic and ASV boxes! Couldn't install them that weekend as work was kicking my ass so I got round to it the day before yesterday (finally!).

    The bike is blinged with Harris hand grips, ASV levers with metallic red adjusters, metallic red rim tape, akra shorty, rego tube, & a fender eliminator. Don't know what else to do besides ride the thing! Was thinking HID's/Oggys and maybe a PC?

    Its currently doing ~150km until fuel light starts to flash, pretty sure I can increase that by actually using something other then 1st or 2nd gear :D

  2. Noice!
    Full exhaust or slip on? (Gixxer = termi [-X )

    +1 for oggy knobs
    PC if you got full exhaust + air filter. then you'll need custom map/dyno tune.
    Im waiting for my headlight mods from the states which will have hids.
  3. Very nice. What are the ASV's like? My sliders were $40 i think from RatedR parts. Haven't had to test them yet. Oggies look much nicer though. Do you really think you need a pc??? I usually get 200-250 from my tank depending how I’m riding. Mines a bit older though.
  4. Ride courses, track days (check insurance). Ride weekends, servicing. Plenty of things to do on bike other than put pretty bits on them *nods*
  5. Im starting to fall in love with the Gixxers..
  6. Love the GSXR's, they look absolutely fantastic! How do you find the loudness of the Akra pipe? Wish they did pipes for the D675...
  7. Wow, 150km to fuel light =D>

    I thought my 180km when I first got the Ninja was bad. However, it should improve, as I now get 220 before the lights on.
  8. Thanks all for the feedback!

    Just the slip, couldn't find a termi for the 750 (only the 1k) maybe i didnt look hard enough. What hids did you get? and who from!

    My clutch is a bit tight atm, will have a fiddle with the settings and take it out for a spin, damn rain!! The brake lever is setup to my liking, the ASV levers in general look really good, hard to see in the pic, and you get a whole bunch of stickers lol! I put one on my helmet!!! Yeh not too sure on the pc at this point in time, something for me to research.

    I wanna get into track days in the near future and do some knee down action while removing them chicken strips! I got all my gear, including a back protector, I just gotta grow a pair (read: get oggys) incase I drop it and find a nice empty space to practise.

    The akra slip is deeper and has more throat/rumble imo. its hot! I guess this can be achieved by hacking the cat off from the stock exhaust but i cbf with that. btw the stock exhaust weighs heaps!! The benefits are beyond my reach but looks wise im all smiles. I took the baffle out as soon as I got it too hehe.
    It was the akra or the gp1 for me, I didn't want a long can like the yoshis, and the gp1 isn't fun for the neighbours/co-riders so I have read.

    Pretty sure my mileage problems are a direct correlation of me not wanting to switch to 2nd/3rd and beyond!!

    Probably thinking about getting some sort of screen too, just need to find some good pics!

    I initially wanted the duc 848, but the extra $10k+ride height+stalling "issues(?)" put me off. Can't become a mechanic just yet so I'll get a duc later!

    Forgive the dodgy camera phone pics ;)

  9. I was privileged to be able to ride a mate's K7 down the Old Road a couple of years ago. If there was a bike for which I would cheerfully sell my soul, that 750 is it.
  10. Yup, gotta love the compromise model... I mean, best of both worlds!

    I went full Akra system (found it cheap on FleaBay) and it's pretty loud, but awesome note and noticeable improvement in throttle response. Waiting for a used PCIII now...

    I love my K1, but one of the new model would be a dream.
  11. Mmmmm......My dream bike.
    How do you find going straight from your restricted licence to the Gixxer?
    I'm on a DRZ400 now and plan on getting one of these when i get off my P's.
  12. You'll be fine - just be ready for the extra power and careful of what your right hand does.

    I went from a GPX250 to my K1 btw.
  13. ^^^
    Yep. I went from a gpx250to mine as well.
    Just take it easy and stay below 8,000rpm for a month or so
  14. I thought my L bike was crash hot and master of the universe but the upgrade blew my mind away. The initial rides were nuts in comparison to my 250!

    After my 1st ride my hands were shaking cause I had to hold on so hard (out of fright) and I rode it so much that the fuel light started blinking and I didn't know the range and where the nearest petrol station was (beach rd). All I knew pushing my new bike wasn't going to be fun. Big sigh of relief when I found the petrol station :)

    I'm not a pro but the everyday riding/commuting is more fun! Everything is just easier.
  15. **insert green coloured man here**