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K7 Gixxer Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Donshe, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, had a few things come up all at once with my K7 GSXR600 over the weekend

    1. Was riding on low fuel and the FI indicator came on, turned it off took it home. Never came back on after that.

    2. Was actually gona do an oil change anyway, drained the old (couldn't get oil filter off) filled the new, overfilled, drained too much. Then as I was filling it up again bit by bit to ensure I didn't overfill, when looking through the window once I saw milky white substance, now in case of cars this means blown headgasket I believe, but every time after I checked for and impurities through the window, I saw nothing. I took the bike out for an Old Pac run after and it ran nice, the only thing I have noticed about the bike is a slight rattle and after research I believe this is the cam chain tensioner or something? Should I be worried?

    3. Thought my brake fluid resevoir was low from the outside, opened it up and didnt see anything in there, but brakes have been working fine all this time. Opened it up, topped it up with some DOT4. Again, overfilled, got some clean strips of cloth and dipped them in to remove some excess, got it under what I believe was the UPPER line from the outside.

    During the ride, I noticed the fluid was being sprayed in small quantities over the inside of my cluster :/ So just kept cleaning it up. My guess is I really did overfill and it was actually running fine, just can't see shit form outside the resevoir and it proceeded to empty itself under pressure?

    Also snapped a couple of clips on my fairings, the circular fasteners with a peg in the middle, where can I buy some of these?

    Sorry for the long post but all help is appreciated !
  2. geez man sorry about ur bad luck.

    ur gixxer was running fine the saturday before, and sounded nice, so much shit happening over a week, from a basic oil change, best of luck getting it sorted man

    btw u should remove the brake fluid from pastic bits (esp fairings) as quickly as possible, that shit eats into paint, and yea btw you should not touch the hydrolic brake fluid at all, that shit eats air, so if you open it, its really bad for the fluid.
  3. Thanks man.

    Thing is the bike is running fine, Im just paranoid.

    I wiped off the brake fluid as soon as I could but all I had with me was an oily rag.

    Are you saying I shouldnt have opened the brake fluid resevoir? (front)
  4. Donshe .... you sound like you have two left hands with no thumbs!

    If it wasnt there before you changed it, could be just from moisture in the crank case, have heard its common.
    You should be changing your filter though!

  5. Yup, Im a newbie alright. But I wanted to give it a shot myself.

    The oil I drained the first time around, I had a good look at that, very minimal metal shavings and no impurities aside from being a bit brown. Like I said, Ive had a look through the crank case viewer and seen nothing odd since. Tempted to drain it again to check but what a waste of good oil.

    Any thoughts from anyone on the brake fluid issue?

    As for the oilfilter, yeah, last one put on was a non-OEM one and is on there hell tight. OEM ones came with a nut on top to undo them.
  6. Was it just a little white whispy streak - looked a bit like spider web? If so I had the same thing with my old gix, and it was never a problem. I think it was just a little bit of moisture, not coming in from a head gasket or anything.

    Fairing clips can be bought from SuperCheap/Repco - not identical but will do the job fine. Otherwise they're probably 5-10 times the price through Suzuki. I hate those farkin things.

    Random FI light you can get read by Suzuki or someone who has a dealer diagnostic tool. It'll give you a code they can look up to see what happened.

    Rattle is likely CCT - it's a common problem with Zooks. They can be replaced, either genuine auto-tensioning or aftermarket ones that are manually tensioned and easier to sort if they get noisy.

    Check out the www.gixxer.com forum - heaps of great tech help. If it's happened to a Gix it's on there somewhere.
  7. Thanks DarkHorse.

    Yes it was a small wispy streak and freaked me the hell out. Its sposed to be a new bike damnit :(

    And yeah, the CCT Im familiar with as my 200SX has the same rattle which is a common issue with those too.

    Thanks again.
  8. You can check the FI error codes by using a paper clip. You just need to locate the dealer switch (mine’s under the rear left fairing) and cross the wires. This will bring up the error code where the temp guage is. Not sure about the k7 but it should be a similar process as mine. Look for a write up on gixxer.com.
    Also I wouldn’t open the brake fluid reservoir without bleeding the brakes after. You probably let in an air bubble which is causing your problems.
  9. Sigh, noob mistake.

    Would this have done any permanent damage? Can I rectify this by doing a bleed and refill?
  10. I had a quick look for you and found this


    They used speaker wire; I use a paper clip, same diff.
    If the FI light comes on again follow these instructions and figure out what's wrong.
    Saves $$$ a dealer will charge you and does the same thing.

    Regarding the fluid, you should probably bleed. Do the brakes feel softer or inconsistent? I’d do it anyway just to be safe. No long term damage or damage at all unless the brakes fail and you have an off.
  11. Yep Ive been reading through the FI diagnostics thread, btu my light has gone off since I restarted the bike the firts time.

    With regards to the brakes, I'll bleed and refill. However, how can you "see" that theres no more air in the system, where should I be looking for bubbles

    Makes me wonder how my paint is after all that brake fluid spraying around, never got around to taking a proper look :(
  12. Same thing happened to me. Turned it on one day and it said "FI". Turned it off. Turned it back on, all apples.

    Wow its hard to get the right level of oil with this bike. When I do mine now I put in the 2.5L as suggested for oil and filter (usually this doesn't even show on the window, but I know its in there). Ride around the block, down the street etc. Leave for a few hours. Check again, top up a little if need be until at least showing on window. Leave as is for a few days and then just top up if needed. Usually after the first top up that is all that is needed and then over the space of a few days and rides the level rises to the middle. Strange though.

    Re getting the filter off how many KMs has it been on for and who put it on? Usually a wrench gets it off no problems. In future, get the K&N oil filters they have a socket attachment on the end of them - its easy as. The K&N filters are also cheaper to buy online and get posted here than to walk to your local bike shop and buy. What does that tell you about bike shops / this country?

    Not good if nothing is in there. It probably needed to be replaced. Read up on the net about how to do it, I did mine a few weeks ago. Takes a while on your own and takes a while before air stops coming through the tube, but you will get there. Be patient.

    Whoever sells Suzuki should sell them. They are like $8 each!!! for the small ones. I haven't broken a large one yet. Massive rip off. Just be gentle with them in future. If you put them in and take them out correctly you shouldn't need much force.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yep I filled up a bit over 2 the first time around and the window showed I was only a BIT below recommended. As I went to drain my hand slipped and I lost a lot of oil. What a waste. But the oil level is perfect now, aside from that one small strain of white I saw which Im hoping was stray moisture.

    The bike was last serviced at its 10000km interval by the last owner, Ive just hit 14000. I'll give the filter another go in about 2000kms along with my next oil change.

    The resevoir still tricks me, swear I cannot see anything from the outside, but still don't know why it wouldve been spraying out excess fluid. Fingers crossed my bodywork is ok when I go home and check today.

    I didnt actually break the whole fairing clip, just one prong on one of them, but I really wanted everything on this bike to be perfect lol.

    One of the clips near the headers down the bottom just seems to be missing, so I used duct tape lol
  14. The bike might have just been running hot. Just got myself a k7 today, and also noticed my FI indicator coming on, and then the radiator fan would start up (bike running hot). Wondered what was going on so I found a k7 service manual online and according to the manual this is normal...