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K6 or G7 GSXR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by basejumper, May 24, 2016.

  1. Thinking of updating my gsxr 1000. I was looking at the k7-8 model. My mates rave about the k5-6 model saying it has a lot more mid range grunt which they like better.
    I wonder if it's just that the 7-8 model had cat converters in the exhaust and that was the reason it seems to lack the mid range of the earlier model.
    I will be doing track days and road riding on it.
    What bike is better ?
    Would a full exhaust and tune of the 7-8 model restore the same characteristics that the early model has?
    I do like my bikes to have mid range balls and my past rides have been 2011 z1000 and k3 streetfighter geared down.
    It seems price is about the same and there are not that many k5-6 models for sale .
    Tx guys

  2. No first hand experience with those model GSXR's, but have heard the same thing, that the K5-6 were the better (feeling) motor.

    Mate, it's still a 1000cc sport bike, I can't imaging you're going to be missing power....
  3. Suzuki gsxr 1000 k5-k8 is the same motor.

    They still use the k5-k8 gsxr motor in the new gsxs and gsxf 1000 bikes with revised cam profiles.
  4. The engines are not the same
  5. K7/8 has ->
    * Different cams moved power higher in the range.
    * Higher rev limit (13.7 instead of 13.5).
    * one tooth extra on rear sprocket for K7/8 over K5/6.
    * Hydraulic clutch instead of cable clutch
    * revised suspension (believe it might get high and low speed damping on fork?)
    * updated emissions gear (cat in exhaust) + 2 exhausts.

    If you get full exhaust + tune (PC5), remove cat and go single sided it's effectively the same as a K5/6. Sure it has lost a touch of midrange, but not huge amounts.

    I had a K6 (best engine ever) but rode a K7 - stock they felt weaker, but once they had a full exhaust/tune, they def had a few hp more up top and hardly any missing in the mid. Getting rid of exhausts saves most of the weight difference also.

    This is all from memory, might be a few other changes too, but that's the major ones. It was really only a facelift, not a new bike.
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  6. I've had a K3 1000 and a K8 but not the much revered K5/6. My K8 trackbike has had the cat removed and an r77 yoshi. No power commander and put out 167hp @tw on Peter stevens Dandenong Dyno. The K7/8 has better suspension dampening than the K5/6 from all accounts (it doesn't have High/low speed dampening as previously suggested though). I think a bit of the feeling of a lesser midrange compared with the earlier model is down to it having a slightly increased wheelbase, making it less wheelie prone, which may feel like less power to some people.
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