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K6 GSXR600 2006 Rear suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TonyPat, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Was wondering if the rear spring on the 06 Gixxer 600 if you adjust it to compress the spring lower would it actually make the seat height and bike lower ??? Also would it have major effects on the handling of the bike etc.

    I have heard of the lowring links, not sure if the make them for the k6 but are they worth it to lower it about 1 inch ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Nah if you compress the spring (adding more preload) it'll make the bike sit a little higher (cause there won't be as much static sag).

    The only way to lower it is to remove some preload (which changes the way the suspension behaves) or get mod the swingarm linkages or the shock arm.

  3. Thanks fj1100.

    Do you think getting lowering links is a good way to lower it about 1 inch ?? Do you know any good place to do it and how much dollars we usually talking about.

    Thanks Mate.

  4. Why do you want to lower it? You'll loose some clearance when cornering, and it'll keep the nose down a little easier under power (read: harder to wheelie), also, it'll chanve the angle of the front forks which will reduce turin-in a bit, but make it a bit more stable in a straight line.

    AFAIK lowering links are the best way to do it, Adjustable dog bones or whatever they do, but you should really talk to a suspension expert if you want to know the details.

    If you only use it to comute, and have trouble getting your foot on the deck then the lowering links will be fine, us mere mortals probably wouldn't feel the difference 1" lift would make to the handling.

    if you were a track junkie you'd probably wanna look into it though.

  5. Thanks Tim.

    Its only a weekend bike and i have a little trouble with my feet and touching the ground, im really tip toed with 1 foot down thats all. I mean i dont take it hard round corners or anything just enjoy weekend rides with some of my mates.

  6. If you want to lower the bike you will need to lower both ends as just lowering the back will change the geometry of the bike, believe it or not lowering the back by one inch is a huge amount and will make a huge difference to the handling of you bike, you need to seek the services of a suspension specialist, what you want to do can be done but you will need professional help/advice
  7. Thanks for the replies, will see what the go is.