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K6 GSXR1000 Still Good or Overpriced and Overated compared to other offerings?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Grrila, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    As the title asks? Is the K6 GSXR1000 still good today as it was almost 10 years ago against similarly priced offerings? The specs and stats do look impressive but I've noticed they have really held their value. You can pick up 2008-10 ZX10r's and CBR's or 999's and RSV1000's for the same cash or maybe an extra $1k as the K6's.

    Reason I ask is I'm itching to upgrade and there are some nice looking Gixxers in around the area I am living at the moment. Or do I just wait to get back to Bris and pick up another bike.


  2. There still as good as ever mate. I've been reading some back issues of rapid magazine regarding the k6 model . They all rave about the mid range grunt of the gixxer . That's what appeals to me for a street bike , actually it even kicks ass at the creek as well. Go and ride one for yourself . I can't see u being disappointed with one. I'm not interested in something like the zx10 that they say is all up top power.
  3. I'm eyeing this one off in particular

    2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000

    But these ones are calling me as well for not a lot more money...

    2004 Ducati 999

    2008 Aprilia RSV1000R

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ABS

    2008 Honda CBR1000RR (FireBlade)

    The smart money tells me to go with the ZX10r then the CBR1000rr. The fruit on the CBR does make it very attractive but I've heard the Bazzaz traction control is a lot of work in fine tuning to get it right.

    The heart says Duc or Aprilia (damn sexy in white!). Some days I wish I was living in a Communist eutopia. Choice does my freaking head in.
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  4. It all depends on your definition of good and your expectations. What you want to use it for etc etc

    Personally I don't believe any of them are bad bikes. They all have different personalities and not many people could out ride them. Most of those bikes are far better than the people riding them.

    From a quick run down.

    Gumby-No body wants them as the 2011 was a much better bike technology wise and ability on the track.
    Are they a bad bike, no but it depends on your ability and what you want it for.
    CBR- Honda engineered, sweet handling bike short on power compared to others.
    Awesome chassis which negates the slight lack of power. Fallen out of favor with the latest and greatest brigade.

    Italian bikes- no idea why their cheap.....maybe they start having problems?
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  5. I really like the k6 and have aways wanted one, but never got around to actually buying one. That model was a game changer and may even have some desirability for collectors in the future for relatively low klm original examples.
    Having said that I probably wouldn't pay the asking price for that one. Rego is due. So is a valve clearance I think (24k) although perhaps a gixxer owner can confirm this.
    As you have said, at that price point there are some really tasty alternatives too. I've seen some k5/k6s on gumtree for less that have just sat there for many months, so I don't know if the demand for them is as high as you might imagine.
  6. This one has been sitting for a little while now (talking at least a month if not longer).

    The bike will be a hill/weekend rider. Probably not doing more than 300km's in a hit at a time. Wife and child like to "share" my time. Damn families always in the way :p Also will do the odd track day, no more than probably 3 times a year.

    I'm 6ft and 85kg. Also do a lot of road cycling so unless there is anything super extreme about the riding positions I don't think comfort will be too much of an issue. Currently ride a z750 so the only thing that gets sore is my arse. Not known to have the best seats.
  7. The 2008 cbrs were notorious for burning oil.

    The two italian bikes are significantly down on power, more gsxr750 power.

    That ninja is i think the pick as its from the newer era. Though its got a fair few kms for the price
  8. Get an '09 R1
  9. Don't bother with 09 r1. They are heavy. They like to push wide in corners and you can spend a large amount of $ trying to fix the issue. 07-08 screamer was the last good r1 before the new one. As above 08 blade burns oil. They fixed it in 09-10 revision. Kawasakis are not even on my list these days. The aprilia if low on would be a good buy. They have nice grunt and are Italian without being Ducati electrical gremlins Italian.
  10. I'll agree they tend to run wide - although I attributed that to their footprint/length rather than their weight....
  11. Na it's not it's a geometry issue. Not length. Far worse and more expensive than that
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  12. Really like the look of the 09-14 R1s and sitting on them they feel damn comfortable. But yeah the reviews of them are not that favourable in comparison to other offerings. There is a beut looking one in St George but I'm not going that far for a bike.

    Vertical C makes a good point about the Italians being down on power but on my hill rides I can't really say I wished I had more power with the z750. The only time I felt it was lacking was on the straights but meh it didn't bother me. I'm sure any of those bikes would keep me entertained on a track day. I'm sure any of them will be quicker than almost all of the super nakeds bar maybe the 1290 sd or s1000r. I think the torque of the vtwins would be hell fun.
  13. The 60 degree of the aprilia is beautiful
  14. The Italian bikes arent slow and would be fine for the road. More just saying why it might be different money

    I actually lthink you cant go wrong with any of the bikes, we sometimes get too much into reading up about bikes and something that is only really awesome seems bad compared to somethijg thats really really awesome. I would get the one that fits me best in size
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  15. I agree. Even the R1 bagged out earlier in this thread is a fine road bike. Just needs a little more persuasion to turn compared to the more modern 1000cc bikes.
  16. Guess I'm going to have to ride them all :D only problem is I don't know how comfortable I feel about playing test pilot on private sales. Don't mind doing it to dealers as its part of their job.