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K6 GSXR-600 Electrical problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Beza, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. So I turned my key to start the bike and got nothing. No power to the instrument panel or lights and nothing from the engine.

    Checked the battery and the fuses under the seat they're all fine, after a bit of googling it seems the 06/07 is prone to regulator/rectifer problems.

    Anyone else had this problem before and if so how much is it for a new rectifier?
  2. If the battery has plenty of power ( 12.6V or higher ) and the fuses are all fine ( including the main fuse usually located seperately from the line fuses) then its possibly not the regulator/rectifier.
  3. Got mine in the dealership at the mo. Mine went dead going down the freeway at 80kph... eekk

    Did you just check the fuses under the seat or the main fuse located separately between the rider seat and pillion seat in a separate box?

    My main fuse had blown and when I replaced it the regulator/rectifier started smoking straight away.

    Mines under warranty so I can't give you a price but maybe check main fuse if you haven't.
  4. Battery is fine, fuses under the seat are all good but, I haven't looked at the main fuse? *Googles*
  5. There's the fuse box you can see located straight under the riders seat and then tucked up underneath the bodywork between the riders seat and pillion seat is another fuse box in a rubber case attached to 2 plastic mounts.

    You can raise the case off the mounts by lifting it away (up) from the rear wheel. It's actually attached to the main leads coming off the battery. There should be a spare fuse in the case you can use.
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  6. If it turns out to be the rectifier/regulator, check here for a price. http://www.regulatorrectifier.com

    Recently my stator died ( a common problem with zx10r's ) the local replacement part A$600, from these guys A$190 including airmail postage and delivered in 5 working days.
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  7. I checked out the main fuse looked fine, put the replacement in just in case and still no power. I'll see what the mechanics have to say tomorrow I guess hopefully it's nothing too exe to fix.
  8. Did you get anywhere with your bike?

    I rang the dealership about my bike and the said the stator was fried and a new one has been ordered.
  9. Always check the electrical system before buying anything. Suzuki rr's suck, esp for track where the system is overkill as it's not running lights etc. Get a decent Mosfet rr like what yamaha uses, fh0012aa or something. Check eBay as well. Roadstercycle and easternbeaver do full kits with bypass heavy duty wiring to ensure the charging system is tip top. First one from the us got lost in the mail courtesy of USPS, and after buying a decent kit from roadstercycle it still worked out cheaper and better than oem. The guys on the cbr forum think a Suzuki rr will solve their woes, it's too funny.
  10. I spoke to the guys yesterday and they said it was nothing more than a flat battery and it may have been caused by putting the ignition into park instead of the steeringlock *n00b*.

    Thing is my mate checked the battery with a multimeter and I put it on a trickle charge both said it had power.

    Not that I'm complaining, cheaper than replacing a R/R or stator just a bit embarrassing.

    What I am thinking though is it worth ordering in a R/R and keeping it on hand for when the time eventually comes seeing as it seems to be a common problem with this model of bike.
  11. A battery can be flat and still show voltage, when you start to draw current however the voltage will collapse. A trickle charge will not be able to life a dead flat battery up again in general so you may have just been mislead by your testing.

    Glad you are going again. :)
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  12. That makes sense.

    No more public transport for me, bike is back and running ready for the weekend!