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K1200S reliability

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Warren Smith, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. I'm coming back to riding after a 10 year break from Phillip Island track days. I'm after a more sedate riding experience on the road - rather than track - and thinking BMW K1200S, but several commentaries issue warnings about recalls and other high tech issues that can be expensive when this model is about 6-7 years old and 40-50,000 ks. After my first few bikes being Hondas (VFR, Blackbird, 954), I really wanted to try a larger more stretched-out machine with 150+HP. Am I barking up the right tree with the K1200S, or is there something nice but less fancy on the market for ~10k?

  2. I bought an '07 K1200R 9 months ago. It had 18,000 Kms and now up to 24,000 Kms. I changed the oil and filter when 12 months since service was up. Until then I had some issues with it not changing up into 3rd sometimes. Once I put the BMW-recommended Castrol Power 1 Racing oil in it's perfect. There was a recall outstanding on it for the fuel pump which I got done (about 90 minutes); a very rare fuel leak problem apparently but BMW are fastidious about their reputation. They are a longer wheelbase so are very well suited to faster corners and power touring; much fun. I need something that would be fast even 2-up and it fits the bill perfectly. Brakes are outstanding and the front suspension means virtually no dive. I have a problem with the front brakes squealing and have tried numerous steps to fixing it but once they get dusty it starts again. One mechanic has told me that I need the BMW pads which are very expensive. Overall, I love the bike.
  3. Many thanks - I never considered the R - very good looking machine, and guessing that little shield at the front actually does the job?
  4. Stretch the budget for a 13s if you can.
  5. I used to lead test rides at Frasers and rode the 1300S many times and i like the idea of a fairing (unless you drop it). Mine has an aftermarket screen (I can look up the brand if you like) that is slightly larger than standard but it deflects the airflow brilliantly; I don't miss a full fairing. Of course the riding position is much more upright on the R. The standard seat is pretty hard after a couple of hours but mine came with a Corbin leather saddle which is great.
  6. What Tweet said. Nearly all the issues with 1200 were fixed on the release of the k1300r/s. My K1300 has been faultless.
  7. I had a mate with a K12S and he had a fair few issues with it. The only one I witnessed personally was after a fuel stop, he went to start the bike and the cam chain decided to jump a few teeth.

    I believe the K13's were a bit better.

    Was quite nice to ride, handled well if you like bigger bikes, but personally it's not a bike that would be on my shopping list.
  8. This is a good post for anyone contemplating a K1200S/R, always check that the cam mod has been done - it costs cents but will save $1,000's.
  9. Oh yes that's right, there were some sort of updated parts that had to be fitted to prevent it happening again... I'm sure it is well documented on the interweb.
  10. Thanks to everyone for replies - given me some pause for thought, might have to stretch to higher mileage example of K13. Cheers
  11. There was a recall in Australia for the cam chain issue. If you have the VIN number you can call any BMW dealer and check whether the particular bike has any recalls outstanding.
  12. Not sure if S is the same as the R, but I have witnessed ABS module failure on one. It's a $3-4K part, and it's a known issue. Later models apparently are somewhat cheaper to fix.
  13. The old man has recently got his k1200s back after an abs module failure. There was mucking around for 2 months trying to get aftermarket fixes to work, however ended up getting a new genuine module. Whole exercise was $3600
  14. Are these issues apparent with the K1200GT's as well?