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K100 Cutch replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kooler2, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Well its finally happened, the old clutch has given up the go. Any help on the new clutch replacement that I will do myself will help heaps :(

  2. The easiest way is too make up a frame which sits under the engine & bolts to the crash bar mounting points. I made one with height adjustable legs with a decent base so the bike doesn't tip over. Sort of like an oversized centre stand.
    Slide out the fuel injection computer.
    Pull the battery out.
    Take the muffler off.
    Take the back wheel off.
    Pull the single shock off.
    Undo the diff & remove.
    Pull the driveshaft out.
    Undo the swing arm & remove
    Take the starter motor out.
    Take off the centre stand.
    Undo gearbox bolts & slide back. Its not that heavy & you can lift it by yourself.
    Clutch is now looking at you.
    I can send you some photos of the engine/bike stand I made if you are interested & PM me an e-mail address. Cheers. Have fun.
  3. Thanks heaps I will start on it tomorrow and have an altered coke crate that will do the job of suppoting tyhe bike
  4. Thanks mate the clutch is now in.