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K1 GSXR1000 Vs 95 CBR600F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. No not in that way :p Not talking about fastest, well, its a given. I have recently increased my bike collection to two. With the CBR being the newbie.

    This is just my thoughts on comparing the Road race 1000 vs the more upright CBR. My riding history is quite short (nearly 3yrs) and limited to 3 bikes. My first, ZZR250 saw me through my L's and p's with no hiccups. Like some of us I wanted to skip straight up to the litre class and to be honest a fair bit of "bigger is better and dumb male pride" went into the decision.

    Bought the Gixxer just after selling the ZZR. I could not believe the difference it was scaaaaary! After my first round the block ride I just shook my head and thought "what the hell are you doing!". Long story shorter I gained confidence with it once I learned throttle control i.e. you dont need much!

    Originally I was going to ride the GSXR to work most days 63km each way. As I did with the ZZR. Through a mixture of country,highway and city riding. After numerous rides with the boys on the weekend I was loving the twistie rolling hilly rides. But alas riding to work in normal mode in speed camera infested roads was no fun! Therefore I decided to keep the 1000 for a weekender and get something else to commute. Enter the CBR.

    Met the owner of the Honda half way between our respective houses due to me being in the South and the bike, the North. It was out of rego by a few days so I decided that I would risk a short test ride on the backstreets of the country town we were in. The ride went fine, but on the way back I started thinking about what the difference was between the CBR and the GSXR. Yes it seemed smaller, lighter, better turning circle but there was something else.

    So I bought it. Trailered it home, stopping in to change over the rego and register it. After getting home I was pretty keen to go for a spin and get aquainted with it. So off I went for just a sedate reconnaissance mission.

    Now what was that missing difference that I couldn't put my finger on before? On the way back home the light bulb went off in my head. "Could it be? Surely not! Its, Its smooooother!" Everything about this bike (in comparison) is smoother and easier. Gear lever while in a different place is silky smooth. Gixxer clunky. The CBR's clutch engages nicer, making for perfect clutched changes unlike the GSXR which probably every 5th change is not as perfect as i'd like. The suspension takes up the bumps in the road beautifully while the Gixxer in comparison feels every inch of the road. Under full acceleration in the lower gears the CBR's front tyre actually stays on the road instead of floating in the wind :p .

    It wasn't until I road the CBR that all this time the gixxer is a prick of a thing to ride in comparison, particularly at slow speeds.

    I know I am comparing apples and oranges. It just shows that with most things in life it's horses for courses. Would I ditch the GSXR? No way! But Commuter it's not.

    Just something for you Keen as mustard riders looking to upgrade to think about.

  2. great review v8!

    is a nice comparison between a super sports and a sport/tourer.

    I had similar when shopping for my upgrade. i loved the easiness and smoothness of the 600f. but then found my gixxer6 for a great price and loved the aggressiveness of it. I agree with you that the sports isn't exactly the best commuter. i think i've got it a bit easier than you though seeing as i've got the 6 and you have the thou. Being a super sport it is alot harder to ride smooth in traffic as imo the bike is generally either on or off. takes alot more effort to hold back on the throttle cause that animal in the bike at higher revs is pretty addictive.

    If i could have 2 bikes, i think i would do similar to you for the same exact reasons. 600f is fantastic commuter. enough power to get you out of trouble and make the ride enjoyable. and the litre bike ( my choice would be the gixxer as well ;) ) for the weekend and track days.

    again thanks for the respective comparison mate