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K&N air filters

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by edgelett, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. not sure where to ask this...

    my BF's trying to get a K&N air filter for his 2003 Honda CB1300 when he gets the service done, but the place we're taking it too seems to be unsure of the price.

    does anyone know whether you can buy them online???
  2. thanks!!! I tried google but had no luck.....mind you I was searching ina hurry.

    you're a champ.
  3. Have you got yourself a filter as yet?

    Installed a K&N as my original was due for replacement (Bought it over the counter from MCAs). Good test with our netrider meet on the weekend as the bike feels much more responsive as it wants to launch quicker with the touch of the throttle. Very happy and worth the dosh...

    Also replaced the rear mudguard with alloy sheet metal - kind of a on the spur of the moment thing I started after checking out the new R6 in the morning - it then took up my whole day but worth it I think. My version is nothing like the r6 but I like it nonetheless as the back tyre is now exposed which is the result I was looking for.

    Regards, Nick
  4. Hate to burst ya bubble bloke,but that better 'feeling' you got was psycho sematic,a fella on Gixxer.com did some back to back dyno runs with a few different filters a while back. The K+N and std BMC filter showed no gains whatsoever while the Race BMC showed a gain of 1hp.The only real benefit is the fact you can wash and re use the aftermarket filters.Standard filters flow really well these days :wink:
  5. I wouldn't waste my money on another, their marketing is similar to slick-50.

    To suggest that you wont need to clean it for 100,000 km is ludicrous to put it mildly.
  6. There are a lot of variables to consider, depends on how restrictive your stock filter is, what kind of condition it is in and how well it is tuned to the standard filter (too rich/too lean or just right).
  7. Judging by your nickname, you may be considered narrow minded particularly in your above post. I said it was more responsive which is exactly what it is - not top end increase. I too read the report you reference as I have researched the topic of filters from the last 3 months knowing that mine would be up for replacement right about now.

    The result of that research in theory was exactly what you stated, if no gain at all, then I can wash and re-oil at every 2nd service or so - of which I decided was benefit enough for me. In reality, I am stoked as I do (psycho sematically or not) feel the extra responsiveness in the lower rev ranges as I did when I removed the flapper valve from the air filter box on the last service.

    I ride every day and hence am very much in tune with the bikes performance in all conditions and at all ranges of revs/gears. I also make the judgement specifically to my bike. Either way, no bubble burst as I am still stoked with the performance and thanks for your respected input.

    ps: I thought my name was on the end of my post and last I checked, it was not 'bloke'. Maybe you are just having an off day of which we are all entitled too

    :? Regards, Nick
  8. maybe your performance boost was weather related and had nothing to do with the K&N?
  9. The mind is very open to suggestion when it wants to be. Truly convince someone that the mod you'll do to their bike will improve response (while it really hampers it) and once you do it most people will say they could really tell.

    "bloke" is not a term of offense, get over it, fella/pal/mate.

  10. Ex/serving coppers seem to love using the expression bloke, you can pick em a mile off.
  11. :WStupid: :applause:

    Are you implying im an ex/serving copper scooter? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I honestly don't know Gixxer, but i have come into contact with a few lately and they seem to like using the 'Bloke' expression.

    Use it at your peril.

  13. lol mate,i'm the last person who would be a copper :grin: :LOL: I've been using the term 'bloke' for years now and no coppers are gonna take that away from me!! :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. ok...............this thread went all wierd on me...

    yes I picked up the filter saturdat & the bike (it's for my BF's bike, not mine) is booked for a service on friday so I should know by the weekend what difference it makes to a Honda CB1300. the main reason he's getting it is a) ease of cleaning and b) fuel economy. the guys at the service place said they'll need to do some adjusting to stuff to get the new filter & after market exhaust working to peak capacity.

    I'll probably put one (as well as an oil filter) in the Hornet based on what happens economy wise to his bike.
  15. Good luck. Justify based on what you set out to achieve with respect to your bike - not based on a 3rd and 4th hand information that may not be relevant to your original value in choice of product. Just note, there has been nothing said here that refutes the value provided by the filter (as the original decision was based) let alone the extra value that I have 'subliminally perceived'. The rest is not worth mentioning.

    Yes it has gone weird and sorry for that although I cannot speak for others.

    Regards, Nick
  16. OK Nick would you take the PR claims of K&N any more seriously than the bogus Slick-50 claims of yesteryear when they claim that you will get 100,000km between filter services?

    BTW slick-50 once claimed that once you had run their teflon additive in your oil you could basically run your engine without oil and do it no harm.

    What else do K&N suggest, somehting like the added build up of dust will help filter out more dust or some such silliness.
  17. My understanding was that if you generally got a filter that was quite a bit different from the OEM one then the bike was potentially up for a re-jet. Is that the case or have I been lead up the garden path?
  18. Could it not improve 'response' but not gain power??? It could rev up quicker but produce the same power???