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K & N air filters

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a K & N cleanable air filter for the Hornet, rather quickly, actually??? And how many shekels I have to part with?

  2. Get a BMC filter,they're better :wink: Any decent bike shop should be able to get ya one hornet :wink: You'll be looking at around $140
  3. cool, thanks mate!!
  4. Sorry cant help you out, but on the subject... i have near full bottles of k&n cleaner and oil cause a had one in me car that got nicked. I dont plan on using one again at any stage in the near future so if anyone uses em that lives near me yell out and you can come grab em at some stage
  5. Beware though Paul. I've never seen tests on K&N motorbike filters, but have seen them on their car range. On every test I've seen, the HP increase over a new genuine filter was negligable (most of the pro aftermarket filter tests are done against non-genuine or old blocked filters) and the filtering was horrible. I'd stay well clear.

  6. Point taken. I'm not committed to K&N per se, I just would like a new filter and preferrably one that's cleanable. Horsepower is not an issue; I've got 96 and they scare me enough without asking for more!!
  7. Yeah i never used one for power increase, mainly just so i could keep it clean all the time without actually having to get new disposable ones
  8. Theres been tests done on bike filters and K+N usually drop a HP or 2 whereas a BMC race filter will add 1hp. Modern day stock filters flow pretty damn well on bikes. Just watch out for sand/dust if ya get a BMC race filter Hornet :wink:
  9. well I'm happy to be guided by the experts, mate, I don't really need a race filter, and I'm not after extra power, just a clean filter and one that I can clean and use again, one less thing for someone else to muck up on me!
  10. Id never heard of bmc before... but just had a quick look and if theyre good enough for F1 theyre probably good enough for me :p
  11. Its all good man,i mean 1hp is nothing to write home about really,its just handy to have a washable one and its an added bonus they flow/work better than a K+N :wink:
  12. OK, man, where can I buy one tomorrow??
  13. Mick: Yeah they will save you money on filters in the long term, a few services and they're paid for. However, will the lack of filtration do more $'s damage than you save? :)

    Paul: I don't want to get into the whole "the engineers at Honda designed a filter..." blah because we all know that there are a lot of aftermarket parts that improve performance overall, but this one is a big unknown.

    I recommend reading these before making a decision:

    Test 1
    Test 2

  14. a bike shop! :D Sorry hornet,im not too familiar with bike shops in NSW matey :oops:
  15. Thanks for that Justin, very interesting... now i dunno what to think :p

    I was just plannin on stickin with the normal ones in the bike anyways casue ill prolly only keep it a couple of years..
  16. NIARK

    (now I am really konfused)

    yes, I know, it should be Confused

    See how confused I am??
  17. Welcome Mick. We should be taking our bikes for a ride, not being taken for a ride by the so called "performance parts" industry :)

    I personally don't like the idea of sucking crap into my engine, even if I save a few $'s and gain a few hp. I also have a big nose and stick it in if it's welcomed or not :)

  18. Well dont take your road bike dirt biking and you should be right :LOL:
  19. It's not only riding on dirt mate. By the sound of it, if we ever go on a ride together, I'll be eating so much of your dust I'd have to clean my K&N at every set of traffic lights :)

  20. lol! :LOL: :LOL: funny bugger :D