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K&N air filters learner legal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kid180, May 1, 2012.

  1. Hey was just wondering if anyone knew if K&N pod filters are learner legal in South Australia? I've got a set sitting in the shed that would fit my gpx250 perfectly and if they are learner legal how would I go about installing them? I read something about having to rejet the carbies can someone explain how this is done? thanks.

    Sorry just noticed I posted this in the wrong section and I'm not sure how to delete the thread and place it in the correct section
  2. performance modification are not legal on any lams motorcycle that includes exhausts, but everyone does it anyway. a quick forum search would reveal this

    as for the second part

  3. Thought that might be the case, cheers for the reply mate.
    Might try giving it a go and see how I do.
  4. K&N filters will be fine because they will reduce the performance of your motorcycle to that of a 50cc scooter.
  5. Lets in more dirt, your engine will run much better.....
  6. So from experience K&N pods a no go?
    Still new to bikes so I don't know to much at the moment as you can probably tell.
    Anyway thanks for the answers :)
  7. Agree with what's been said, don't bother with the k&n's......big waste of time with little or no return, and will affect your resale of your bike in a negative way.......but hey it's your bike go crazy:)
  8. rule of thumb is:
    more airflow=less filtration

    dirtbikes all run foam filters,
    same as a pod filter. GOOD filter oil and running an aircleaner cover (rain sock) will reduce the debris significantly to a negligeable amount....
    but this all requires care and attention to the filter. which on a dirtbike isnt too bad when you clean and oil it after every ride (actually most serious guys swap the filter during a ride to keep them clean)

    but on a road bike, maintanance is done at a much greater interval (1000's of km's not the 100 or so of a dirtbike where service intervals are usually hours), so the filter is usually dead when it finally gets cleaned and maintained.

    best option for a roadbike is to get a k&n or hiflo replacement panel filter. to go in the stock airbox. if available
    but even then the gains will be negligible, unless you run a harley or simmilar (emmisions im guessing) resticted engine with an exhuast system.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone.
    Not going to bother with with the filters then, might just look for a decent panel filter to fit the airbox like spenaroo said, and might start looking at getting a good exhaust.
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  10. afaik performance mods are illegal on any bike - even things like braided lines.
  11. What's the big deal about K&N air filters, guys?

    An increase in airflow without less protection, allows an increase in fuel. More air/fuel = more power. So it can help if you have a power commander, to tune the engine up accordingly. So I don't get the general trend against them?

    I confess, just whacking such a thing on a LAMS bike, ill be of little use.
  12. I think a lot of it is because some people seem to think they can rip out their airbox and fit pods and gain instant hp, without realising that bike makers install airboxes for good reasons. Personally, I have and in-airbox oilable unifilter, but the main reason I bought it was because it cost less than a paper filter and is reusable.
  13. The vast majority of podded bikes that I've ridden have run like bags of shit.

    Whilst, in theory, it's possible to set up your carbs or whatever to work with them, in practice hardly anybody does.

    And before anyone shouts "Dynojet kit" at me, I'm aware of them and an examination of their jet sizes and needle shapes suggests that all most of them do is make the bike run rich as fuck to cover up all the flat spots.
  14. Airbox's are designed to the nth degree, taking them off & fitting pod filter is usually a step backwards.

    Fitting a high flow filter like a K&N INTO the airbox should result in some gains, especially if a fuel injected bike with an O2 sensor & can take advantage of the extra air.

    With a carbied bike, you may need to adjust the carbs to get more performance, I did with my bike when I fitted a K&N.
  15. I see little value in doing performance modifications to a 4 stroke 250 learners bike.

    If you want significantly more power, buy a significantly more powerful bike.
  16. That would be 'me'. :)

    Carbies?!...I haven't had anything with a carby on it for over 20 years!