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K&N Air Filters - information needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Guys

    I'm looking for information on how a K&N air filter would alter the performance of a 2002 Honda Hornet 900 - or other hondas around this age.

    Does anyone know where I can find some K&N vs. OEM dyno charts?

    I'm hoping to demonstrate that these filters generally have a negligible or negative effect on a bike's power output compared to the OEM Honda filters, which is what I've heard from various tuners. Hopefully this will help me fight my insurance company.


  2. Loz, is this a pod filter or a replacement filter for use in the bikes airbox?

    I had a chat with Shannon's this am regarding my pipes and made reference to a friend who was having issues. The insurance guy was stunned that another company would play up for a replacement filter.
  3. I'll keep what I find in this thread too:


    "In the end one thing is for certain if you are going to use aftermarket filters & get any appreciable gains from them it's going to require a Powercommader, alot of dyno time & probably some creative airbox mods too, maybe even to the point of fabricating custom bellmouths to get it dialed in correctly & you must also consider that in some cases there are no gains to be had & in many a loss of performance or drivability can Occur!"
  4. I don't know what a pod filter is. Basically I took the OEM air filter out, and repaced it directly with the K&N. Same shape, different material and washable so you don't have to replace it.

    I'm amazed that this is an issue too, but I want to make a strong argument, first to the claims manager and then to the ombudsman if necessary.
  5. K & N claim horsepower increases on their site. Could be hard to argue against that.

    another approach: PS once told me that Triumph Australia no longer supplied original air filters for my bike, and that they (TA) recommended that K & Ns be fitted (!)
    Can you get a serviceperson to back up something like this?
  6. Pod filter fits externally to the carbies, except now I remember the Hornbag is FI. The point being that a pod type filter is normally used to extract more HP (no airbox to impede flow etc...) whereas a replacement filter for the airbox can be used as a simple (low cost washable) replacement for OEM filters.

    I would have thought that as a way to increase your excess it's a poor show. Surely they'd have to prove that the K&N filter contributed to the accident in some way? Anyway, good luck.
  7. Wayne, I don't think that one would fly in this case.

    Does anyone know any dyno tuners experienced with Hondas that I could ask for their opinion?
  8. maybe try pete the pom, he maybe able to help you out or if not may know someone in the know that can, either way thats fcuked.... next thing they will try and catch you up on what oil's you use :evil:
  9. Redwing Honda have a Dyno.
  10. Yeah I've posted on TRV, hopefully Pete might have some info.
  11. Depends on your fuel / air setup,

    if you get more flow through the airfilter, and open up your air box. Put some freer breathing pipes on and rejet your carby (on a carbeuretted bike), you'll get performance gains.