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K&N air filter for Bandit?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Webz, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Is it a good idea to install a k+n air filter in my bandit1250? Are they as good as they profess?

  2. Don't know but they're fcuking expensive for what they are.
  3. You won't notice an ounce of difference .
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  4. no difference but I think they are cheaper than OEM. The only way they benefit your bike is if you get the bike tuned after you install the filter. Even then the difference is not noticeable.
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  5. Replaced the whole intake plus a large k&n filter on my Boulevard, noticed quicker throttle response, larger area to draw fresh air in also not drawing hot air from the motor.
  6. Will it turn your bandit into a busa? No.
    Potentially more air means your ECU will tell the FI to add more fuel, so without specific tuning, economy may be reduced for minimal (barely noticeable) gains in performance. On my carbed bike where range (economy) was critical, a pre-filter (to add some resistance to get the carbs to work properly) and a careful tune resulted in enormous economy gains.
    Possibly the joy of a seductive intake roar if that floats your boat.
    Expensive? No. It's the last filter you'll ever need to buy for the bike.
    I like them for the above reason - over time and kms, they're a cheap option. I also like the fact that when touring, you don't need to source a specific filter in an obscure location when you need a service. Any workshop can clean a K&N. They can also be effective for longer than stock filters between cleans, because they tend to have a larger filter area.
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  7. Replacing the OEM airfilter/air box by itself will have bugger all effect. In fact it could have a negative effect.

    If you have, or are going to, replace the OEM exhaust and fit a power commander (or similar) then changing the air filter/air box should be part of that change.
  8. Just to expand on this; some of the guys over at avrider have had bad times with them and they seem to be a lot pricier than aussie made unifilter foamies.
  9. Got a Bully controller to go on and waiting for an exhaust, Boulevards have a very small air intake hole that draws air in next to the cylinder, the Gman intake draws air from the outside of the intake( I know what I mean), seems to be more responsive or is it my imagination justifying the $$$ I have spent.
  10. My M109R benefited greatly from a pair of K&Ns and a remap. The dyno showed a 5BHP increase but more importantly the first and second gear throttle snatch all but disappeared. Money well spent IMO.
  11. A mate of mine has a M109 and put on a hypercharger and custom exhaust. Swore by them, but took the exhaust off when he started getting too much attention from the local HWP.
  12. As part of a full upgrade (filter, airbox, secondaries, extractors, link pipe, muffler, PC and tune), the K&N has its place, but on a stock standard bike I doubt you would notice any improvement in power or economy.

    BTW, I run a 1200 K&N on my 1250, has about 15% more filter area.
  13. I suspect supplying cooler air through (I assume) a longer intake tube would make more difference than the K&N filter. If you seriously change the flow of intake and exhaust gases from OEM, you may find yourself outside the parameters of what the OEM O2 sensors (especially if they're narrow band), ECU and injectors can adjust to. If you just want loud, no problem. But if you want smoothness / power / economy, then remapping (and possibly a piggy-back system) is recommended.
  14. Have a Gman Bully Controller ready to install just waiting on an exhaust, had Vance & Hines ordered but have been discontinued so thinking of getting a Turna's stainless from Qld. Don't want a lot of noise and attract unwanted attention, just to open up the OEM restrictive pipes but a bit of V-twin rumble would be nice
  15. It will be interesting to hear the result ... and the pipes. ;)