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K&N Air Filter for 2011 Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ossey55, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Anyone know where I can get a K&N Air filter for 2011 CB400ABS?
    A part number or any advice would be appreciated.
    Also anyone using or have used a filter called DNA (available from Kenma)? Reported in a very positive way in a recent motorcycle magazine i read.

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    looks like a K&N, and probably filters just as poorly :D and even more exxy
    Air filter R-H4S06-01 for HONDA / CB 400 REVO/ NC42 HYPER REVO | DNA Filters

    "Universal and pod-style filters are also available for custom applications, while stage two and stage three airbox modification kits are also available for selected bikes. As an example, the stage three kit for Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 is said to boost airflow by more than 375 per cent over the stock intake system.

    For more information contact Kenma on (02) 9484 0777 or visit

    uh huh :p
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  3. I've used the K&N filters before and have been very happy with them but can't seem to locate a part number for my bike - hence the query.
    Thanks for the comments guys.
    I'll try Google etc.
  4. I may be late to the game

    K&N Oil Filter - 303
    K&N Air Filter - HA4098

    I ordered my air filter from the USA, arrived in less than a week
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    just adding my 2c

    from the research i did at the time the DNA are a better filter, especially for breathability. cpl of Dyno tuners i spoke to also told me to go with DNA.
    the surface area "filtering area" of the DNA filter compared to a K&N filter i had was also substantially larger as the K&N filter has a larger rubber mounting size to filter material.
    i am far from an expert in this area though, just what i came up with reading and vids i watched and advise

    more info here too : if you go to the youtube link there are also specs etc...
  6. here are also some measurements from the K&N to the DNA to show what i mean ;)

  7. I ran a DNA for a number of years on my Triumph.

    Apparently it flowed more air than the K&N but meh. It was a massive pain in the arse to get a recharge kit for it though, if you're keen on sticking with the factory oil.
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  8. Sweet, it's improved in the last year then!
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